ZÜCA All-Terrain Disc Golf Cart Review


We’ve seen many disc golf bags hit the market over the last few years and each and every one brings their own take on what a disc golf bag should be. Some go for higher quality materials, while others might focus on comfort or disc capacity. For the team at ZÜCA, they go a slightly different route with their new All-Terrain Disc Golf Cart.

The push/pull carts are becoming popular on the disc golf course and ZÜCA puts forth quite an entry into this market. We’ve seen our fair share of modified ball golf carts and even jogging strollers used, but ZÜCA puts a very strong focus on making a solution that works for disc golf first and not as an after thought. When checking out the All-Terrain, these are the features you can expect from ZÜCA:

  • Patented aluminum alloy frame doubles as a seat
  • Off-road wheels for ample clearance on bumpy terrain
  • Easy-clean vinyl pouches for organizing essentials
  • Durable, washable, water-resistant 1000D polyester
  • Retractable handle extends up to 51″
  • Sealed wheel bearings for low maintenance and a smooth ride
  • Quick-release wheels for more compact storage
  • Dual cupholders for easy access

ZÜCA sent us a new All-Terrain Disc Golf Cart for this review and we’ve had the chance to try it in a few different conditions on the course.

The first thing we noticed is the overall build quality. The frame is quite strong. When we were first setting up the bag we could tell this wasn’t going to be a slouch in the quality department. Very strong sides, solid frame, and the confidence to turn the top into a seat. More on that in a moment.

Once you slide the wheels on, which only took a few minutes, you’ll be ready to fine tune the All-Terrain to your comfort level. The wheels have a deep tread on them to help you get through virtually any ground you run it over. One of our tests was after a day of rain and the ground was quite soft. The All-Terrain saw no signs of slowing down. By the end of the round the tread was pretty muddy, but since you can easily remove the wheels, you can hose things off and once they dry, they’ll be good as new.

The top of the frame of the All-Terrain doubles as a seat while you wait for your next shot. It is nice not having to carry another stool and the overall height was very comfortable, especially for taller people. You have to be a little careful not to sit too far back or lean back on it since the rear legs are wheels after all. Often times during a casual round we don’t bring a seat, but having it built into the cart was a nice feature we didn’t have to think about.

ZÜCA All-Terrain Disc Golf Cart

The other feature of the All-Terrain that you’ll need to setup is the handle itself. There are two clips at the base of the handle that can be opened to allow the adjustment. The handle will expand in two sections with the one section using a little ball-clip to lock into different levels. With the two levels of adjustments, the possibilities are nearly endless and can fit virtually everyone.

You can also twist the handle around so you can make it a pull-cart or push-cart. We found the pull-cart style to be a little more natural as we could leave our arm hanging naturally in a very comfortable position with the cart behind us. This was fine when the fairways were wide and we didn’t have to worry about running into anything.

When the fairway was tighter or we felt like we needed a little more control, we flipped the handle around and used it in a push motion instead. This gave us the control we were needing and still had no problems moving the cart through the course. If you ever got to a point that called for you to pick up the All-Terrain, the cart itself weighs a little over 13 pounds plus the weight of the discs.

ZÜCA All-Terrain Disc Golf CartZÜCA sells the All-Terrain without the disc golf insert, but once you add in this custom frame, you’re set to take on any course out there. This frame is designed to hold up to 32 discs on two levels. We comfortably had 23 in there and still had room for plenty more. the side pockets can be used as a putter pocket to give yourself easy access to those discs you use on every hole. The large diameter midranges were a little snug, but if you have a little room to lean it to the side, you’ll be able to slide it out with just a little added effort.

We liked having a little room to get discs in and out and never felt like they were in danger of falling out either. Since the bag is leaned backwards when in motion, the discs will settle to the back of the frame without the chance to fall out. Plus, as we were using the All-Terrain as a seat, it was easy to reach down and pull out our next disc.

The back of the frame has two cup holders at the base of the cart and the sides do have some slim pockets for simple storage. ZÜCA also sent us the accessory holder which straps onto the pole itself. This gives you one larger pocket and two more smaller pockets with a flap closure to use. We used it both higher on the pole and closer to the base and found it useful in both locations. This held a few extra towels or even snacks if we needed them.

ZÜCA All-Terrain Disc Golf Cart
ZÜCA All-Terrain Disc Golf Cart

The ZÜCA All-Terrain Disc Golf Cart currently retails at $275 for the cart and $25 for the disc golf frame. It can be quite the investment, but with the build quality of the cart in both the frame and materials used, you’ll have countless years for this cart. The All-Terrain certainly won’t last you a year or two. You can use this with confidence.

While backpack bags are still the most popular choice, the ZÜCA All-Terrain Disc Golf Cart is no slouch and we wouldn’t be surprised to see these pop up on the course in greater numbers in 2016. The quality really jumps out at you and, best of all, it is designed with disc golf in mind. This isn’t a repurposed stroller or ball golf cart. This has disc golf in its sights and has no signs of slowing down. With plenty of storage for discs, it will easily check the disc golf box. The adjustable handle allows you to make this cart fit your style. You can push it or pull it and once you setup the right height, you’ll be set. Take some pressure off of your back and body and lean on the ZÜCA All-Terrain Disc Golf Cart to get the job done.



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