Winter Disc Golf – Up and Down Round


With the weather pretty decent for a midwest January day, I made the trek out to the local winter disc golf league. Been a few weeks since I’ve played and had to scratch the itch. 

Weather was sunny, a little breezy, about 1-2 inches of snow on the ground with great company. 

We play nine holes singles, nine holes doubles. Singles was rough, wasn’t that warm yet and had trouble finding my rhythm. Doubles turned things around. Had two nice birdie putts. One about 30 feet and hit a great 50 foot put to end the round. 

The final hole was a great one to end on. 246 feet with the first 100 open then into a bunch of trees. There are a few lines to hit and you’ll be setup with a nice putt for two. Think of a big rectangle that is 246 feet long and about 80 feet wide. In the bottom right corner is the teebox and the top left corner is the basket. A nice straight shot with a traditional fade at the end and you’ve parked it. 

Snapped off a nice drive on the line I was wanting. Started to fade back and clipped a low branch and stopped 50 feet short of the hole. Was left with this slightly uphill putt. After my partner hit the basket on his putt I was able to hit the left side of the chains and let it drop in. A great way to end a tough round. 

All in all, a fun time with some great people. Just makes me want more daylight after work and warmer temps. 


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