Westside Warship Review


Westside Warship

Finding a reliable stable midrange that fits your game can be difficult for disc golfers of any level. There are many options out on the market that each offer great qualities. The Westside Warship is one midrange that offers a controllable flight, great glide and a great feel. Westside sent us a VIP Warship to test and we were impressed with the results.

Westside calls the Warship a “reliable and straight flying professional midrange driver.”

On paper the Warship appears to be a fast, stable midrange with decent glide. Westside rates it at a 6, 5, 0, 1. When you first hold the Warship, you can tell it has a slight dome — gradual from edge to edge — and fits comfortably in the hand. Some midranges feel very deep in the hand — this is not the case with the Warship.

On our first few throws, we could tell the Warship did have some added speed to it. It was certainly faster than an Innova Roc or a Discraft Buzzz, but we aren’t sure we’d give it a full six for the speed. It does come out of your hand quickl and will carry a little further than you might expect, but the added glide seemed to cause the extra long flight. Overall, we’d put the speed at about a 5.5 though. It is fast, it does like some power, but it remains controllable.

Speaking of control, the Warship is very responsive to the line you put it on. If you need a slight sweeping hyzer or a gradual turnover, the Warship will hold on that line. When thrown into a minor headwind, the Warship did turn a little and carry that line. If you are facing a decent sized headwind (10-15mph) the Warship is likely not the disc you should be reaching for. Now, if you have a tailwind, the Warship should perform as expected. With the slight dome, we were able to achieve vey nice distance for a midrange with the Warship when it had the added help of a tailwind under it. We gave it a little more height and let the glide carry it down the fairway.

Westside WarshipAt the end of the flight, the Warship does powerdown very comfortably. You won’t notice it dash off to the left and the end of the flight, but it will have a nice subtle finish to the left as it continues to push forward that can be seen in the inbounds Disc Golf flight chart.

Again, Westside slots the Warship in at a 6, 5, 0, 1. In our tests, we’d rate it at 5.5, 5, -0.25, 1. It did carry a little further than other midranges and offered a nice neutral flight.

The Warship is a very nice midrange disc. The added speed and great glide will offer slightly more distance when compared to other midranges in the speed 4-5 range. If you are needing to hit a tight line or just need straight line distance, the Warship should do the trick. Headwind’s aren’t the Warship’s best friend, but any good tailwind will hook up with the Warship and send it down the fairway.




  1. Dallas Brooks on

    I just picked up a 176g VIP Warship, and I LOVE it! My favorite disc ever is my Gummy Champ Roc Plus(4,5,0,2) the Warship just might knock the Roc+ out of my bag. It flies EXACTLY wear you throw it, holds hyzers perfectly and doesn’t flatten out of annys too quickly, and glides very well. This disc loves 60-80% power, yet can still be cranked on off the tee, although you do have to be careful of the release angle at full power. All in all, one of the most useful discs in my bag, hands down!

    • Hey Dallas, did you get that disc at the tourney? Glad you’re loving that disc. It blew me away when I first started throwing it and it’s my go-to mid when I need a little extra mid distance with a comfortably-sized rim which makes it easy to control..

      • Dallas Brooks on

        What up PMDL? Yup, got it at the SpAce Race Series round #1 at Horning’s Hideout in North Plains, Oregon. Awesome event, can’t wait for round 2! Gonna be picking some more Westside plastic for sure, and looking for my second ace! I REALLY want blue Westsides with Finnish writing! Hopefully see ya up in the ‘Couv this week.

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