USDGC Voices: Round 3


Moving day at the 2015 United States Disc Golf Championship saw the leaderboard change a few times as some rode a consistent hot round while others left a few shots out on the course. We talked with the pros as they came off of Hole 18.

Steve Brinster

Overall: -15
Round Three: -10 (57)
Position: Tied-5

“I started off really strong, even had a little bogey on Hole 4 and then got back on track. Had a birdie putt on Hole 8 and it rolled into a tough spot. Made a really great putt there and then birdied Hole 9. That gave me seven birdies out of the front 10. I hadn’t made it on the green on Hole 10 yet and parked it into the bricks. I was feeling good and kept it going. It kind of fizzled a little at the end. I had a pretty good opportunity on Hole 15. I gave myself a look, but hit a tree branch in a tough spot and bogyed. Then I missed about a 28 footer on Hole 17. You shouldn’t feel too bad about a par there, but it felt like an opportunity that I lost. Hole 18 is dangerous and birdied that. To come in with a 57 I guess is good. I felt like I could have finished a little stronger.”

“I like how my game is feeling. I putted really solid today. It’s easy to talk about the ones you missed, but they were mixed in there with some really good ones in some windy conditions.”

Barry Schultz

Overall: -4
Round Three: +3 (70)
Position: Tied-26

Didn’t quite have the mental energy I typically have out there. It showed on some of my shot selections and executions. I’ll have try harder again tomorrow.

Eagle McMahon

Overall: -6
Round Three: -+2 (69)
Position: Tied-19

“Tough day today. I got off to a decent start but on Hole 6 and 7 I went 5-4 and that messed me up for the entire round. It was kind of a downward spiral from then on. I kept it in the 60, at least that happened. Tomorrow, I hear it will be rainy, I’ll play safe and keep it between the ropes. Many won’t score as well so if I can have something in the mid-60s, I feel like I’ll finish well.”

Ricky Wysocki

Overall: -20
Round Three: -10 (57)
Position: Tied-2

“I knew coming into day 3 I had to shoot in the 50s and while I started off a little slow, I was able to birdie seven of the back nine. I had to light it up to make up for the mistakes on the front nine. I’m right where I want to be heading into the final day. Being in the lead group is a great spot to be on the final day. Now I can make my move.”

Paul McBeth

Overall: -20
Round Three: -10 (57)
Position: Tied-2

“I still had a mistake on Hole 13, I was trying to lay one up and gave up two strokes right there. I need to clean that up, other than that, I drove a lot better and again made all my putts. I feel good though. If I can do this tomorrow, and hopefully jumped up to the lead card, I can put some pressure on Nate because I know he’s been playing well. Time to put some pressure on Nate and the others on the lead card. Come out hot and clean up those mistakes on the stretch of Holes 11, 12, 13, and 14. I’ve given away too many strokes there. I think I gave Ricky Wysocki four strokes over that stretch. Got to clean that up and continue what I’ve been doing on the rest of the course.”

Nate Doss

Overall: -16
Round Three: Even (67)
Position: 4

“That was the front nine from I don’t know where. I don’t know what happened. Everything felt great, game was on point, a few bad kicks here and there. I do feel proud of how I brought it together on the back nine. Hole 17 is what Hole 17 is. I have the game plan to lay up and unfortunately took a bad roll. Just have to deal with this one and put it behind away. Still have 18 holes to play and want to make a decent run tomorrow.”

“Still sitting in fourth is a huge surprise to me. I could have never guessed that. I feel fortunate to be in a premier group and to play with the guys on the card.”

Nate Sexton

Overall: -23
Round Three: -7 (60)
Position: 1

“Got a good game plan and I’m sticking to it. My dad (his caddy) is helping me a lot. He’s reminding me when to give it a little extra juice on the shots where short is a problem. He reinforces what I already know. We’re a good team.”

“I feel pretty good though. Everyone else was struggling and I raced out to a seven shot lead after being tied. That was pretty shocking. I didn’t know what was going on at the second card, I don’t really care, I’m just focused on my game plan. Made a few mistakes on Hole 12 and 13 to give a few strokes back, but righted the ship and closed strong to get back to that same spot above my card mates.”

“I know it’s not over, but leading with 18 holes to play feels great. There is no better spot to be. You can’t envy anyone who is one stroke behind though. I know there will be pressure, but I’m not focused on who’s behind me or how far ahead I might be. I’m just going to play golf I can be proud of and if that wins, that’s great.”


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