Earlier this year, Jussi Meresmaa announced his retirement from competition and the founding of the new Spin18 company. Part of Spin18’s responsibilities include event management and media production. We’ve seen the event management side of things with the European Open and coming this October, you’ll get a look at the media side of the company.

Meresmaa has gathered a team from around the world to head to the 2015 United States Disc Golf Championship for a level of coverage that the sport has yet to see. We’re excited to announce that ATDG is a part of this team and we’ll be serving as the main reporter for the event and a contact for external media from the Charlotte area and from around the country. We’ll have full recaps of all the action on the course and will bring you the stories that you might not see unless you were there.

Paul McBeth and Jussi Meresmaa

Paul McBeth (left) gets congratulated by Jussi Meresmaa (right) after winning the 2013 European Open. (Photo: Innova Champion Europe / Eino Ansio)

We’ll be joined by or friends at SmashboxxTV who will be providing live coverage of the final two rounds of the tournament on the Friday and Saturday of the tournament. Terry Miller and his crew have shown what they can do with two camera coverage at previous tournaments this year and they are equally as excited to head to Rock Hill to bring you the action as it happens.

Along with SmashBoxxTV and Meresmaa, we’ll be working along side Jamie Thomas and Janne Lahtinen who will lead the video production and online efforts respectively. Thomas will host a daily Insider Show with the top highlights from the round and a quick recap of the day’s action. We saw the Insider Show debut at the European Open and Meresmaa, Thomas, and others have heard feedback to tweak the show to a shorter length for the USDGC. The USDGC Insider Show will so be taped instead of a live broadcast. Even with less time, you should expect all the same great content each night from the SpinTV channel serving as the official home for USDGC video coverage.

From written and video recaps, social media, live coverage, and more, get ready for a level of media coverage disc golf has yet to experience. ATDG and SmashBoxx are two of just many who will be on hand in this group at the USDGC. We can’t share all the details yet, but with high expectations awaiting us, we can’t wait to get started.

Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the USDGC for all the coverage at the Winthrop Gold Course from October 7-10!

Finally, on a personal note, over the last few years we’ve been fortunate enough to build a relationship with Jussi Meresmaa. We’ve been able to have discussions with him that many don’t get the chance to have. You might hear some of the general ideas, plans, and thoughts, but we’ve had the chance to get into the next level of Meresmaa’s disc golf brain. Let me say… you have no idea what is coming next. The future is exciting and we can’t wait to share the news with you soon.


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  1. This is great news! With the ammount of people in college for communications and the ease at getting media online I am happy to see people stepping up to bring more media to DG.