Upper Park Designs releases new disc golf bags


As disc golf continues to grow in popularity around the world, the equipment options for disc golfers grows equally as fast. One of the fastest growing areas for disc golf equipment are disc golf bags. A new face to disc golf bags came out a few weeks ago: Upper Park Designs.

Upper Park Designs unveiled the Focus and the Shift. Both bring a new style to disc golf bags that many golfers should enjoy. 

The Focus will hold between 4-8 discs and includes internal hydration storage. What stands out to us about the Focus is the backpack style bag that holds such a small number of discs. The backpack style bags continue to grow in popularity and this is a new twist on it. We could see many enjoying the easy access to the internal water (or other beverage) storage. Upper Park Designs certainly brought a unique and useful look to the Focus.

The Shift is a 2.7 pound backpack style bag which holds between 10-15 discs. While other backpack bags keep the discs inside some sort of internal storage and keep a few putters on the outside for easy access, the Shift includes four puches for discs on the outside of the bag. This could be very useful to keep a putter, go-to midrange, and a favorite driver or two at easy reach. Inside the bag holds enough storage for most golfers to fit the rest of their line up.

We talked with Jon Richardson from Upper Park Designs and he said the product has been in the works for a year and a half. He said they weren’t liking the shoulder strap design on the smaller bags which fit their recreational style play.

Richardson said the entire team was excited to get these out the door, “We have come out with a bag that is on the complete next level when it comes to style and comfort. The attention to detail truly reflects the years of experience our designers have and you really get that sense when you have a bag in hand. Our initial designs are focused on the player that carries fewer discs than the more serious player. We wanted disc access to be easy from any angle but also show off the colorful plastic that so many other bags hide, and the design just grew from there.”

The Focus retails for $89.99 while the Shift retails for $139.95. Currently they are on sale for $69.95 and $119.95 respectively. 

The prices caught us a little off guard at first, but after we talked to Richardson about it, it was clear that these weren’t made with cheap materials. 

Richardson says, “We want people to know from the start that these are not your every day cheap disc golf bags, you are paying for quality, style, and comfort.”

We are a believer that you get what you pay for. You could easily spend less on a bag, but you are getting a product that would wear out quicker and does not provide the comfort that the Upper Park Designs are bringing to the course.

If you’re in the market for a new bag, check out the new bags from Upper Park Designs. Visit them on Facebook and Twitter too.


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