UDisc gains Apple Watch support


Last week, UDisc, the popular disc golf scorecard app, released an update with support for the new Apple Watch. Developer Matt Krueger has been working on the Apple Watch version of UDisc for a while and wanted to hit the new platform as soon as he could.

UDisc notes there are five main features of the UDisc Apple Watch app:

  • View live-updating distance to pin on your Apple Watch
  • View current scores while keeping a scorecard
  • View the current tee order
  • Make your phone remotely speak the tee order by tapping on your Apple Watch
  • View a summary of your UDisc dashboard

Krueger tells us the next release will include functionality to control the scorecard from the Apple Watch but held it out of this first version so they wouldn’t shut out some users.

“The reason that we didn’t add that right away is that it would require us to drop support for iOS 7 users due to limitations imposed by Apple. We have it developed, but we’re not willing to shut out iOS 7 users because there are still lots of them,” Krueger says.

Seeing UDisc develop for the Apple Watch is exciting. Someone needs to look at how technology can help disc golfers and they are leading the way. Knowing they aren’t rushing things out so they can support the widest group of disc golfers out there is nice too. They could have been greedy and pushed on and left those iOS 7 users behind, but they know to take it one step at a time.

Krueger also tells us the Android version of UDisc Cloud has come a long way and is on track to be available around the end of June. We know that timeline could change a little bit since Krueger would rather get it right than rush a feature out. Stay tuned for the latest info!

The latest version of UDisc with support for the Apple Watch can be found in the App Store.


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