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UB Disc Golf Procul

In June, we brought you the story that UB Disc Golf would be releasing their own line of discs. UB’s Hand Candy line would initially start with the Procul. The UB Disc Golf Procul is a high speed distance driver with a very controllable flight path. UB sent us a Procul in their Tasty plastic a few weeks ago and we’ve been throwing it ever since.

UB Disc Golf says this about the Procul:

The Procul is the first mold to come from UB Hand Candy, we have come to describe this disc at fast, high speed understable, low speed stable. Great for the 250-325 ft throwers looking for a stable finish, more powerful throwers will find this disc to be a great hyzer-flip disc.

We took the Procul through the same process we do for all of our reviews. Disc golfers of various levels were able to get their hands on it so we can see what it can do across the board.

First, we want to talk about the plastic and the feel of the Procul. UB’s Tasty plastic would fall in line with the Champion/Z/Opto type of plastic. It isn’t the stiffest plastic we’ve ever felt, yet it isn’t the most gummy either. For a comparison, it would be closest to Latitude 64’s Opto plastic in our minds. Very nice grip and very durable.

The Procul does have a pretty sloped shoulder before popping up in a small dome on the top of the flight plate. The dome is there by design and allows the Procul to fade out at the end of the flight (more on that in a moment). With how the wing is shaped and how the dome sits, it almost creates a natural placement for your thumb on the top of the disc. The Procul has a unique shape to it on the top, but once you get used to it you will find it to be comfortable.

With UB’s description of it being understable at high speeds and stable at low speeds, we weren’t quite sure what to expect on our first throws. With a flat release the Procul will want to turn to the right when it first gets going. It never wanted to flip over and turn into a roller, but it would hold a very controllable anhyzer angle for the first part of the flight.

Average arm speeds were able to get some amount of turn out of the Procul, but never a very large amount. Stronger arms could get more turn and even hyzerflip the disc quite often.

The Procul doesn’t have a very large amount of glide though. Our best s-turn shots came when we gave it some added height and even helped it into an anhyzer flight. If we kept it low and gave it a little hyzer, it would flip up flat, and turn slightly to the right before a moderate fade at the end. With a big sweeping sky anhyzer shot, it would hold the anhyzer angle, glide to the right before turning back to the left. The big anhyzer shots is where the Procul really shined.

The Procul’s fade is strong enough to bring it out of an anhyzer, but not strong enough to fight much wind. On a couple of our low, hyzerflip shots, the fade was just enough to tuck it behind a tree on the left side of the fairway, but wouldn’t produce a big skip.

UB Disc Golf ProculWhile the Procul doesn’t have a lot of glide, it does have a lot of speed. We’d slot the Procul into the Speed 12 category. We always felt like we had a great grip on the Procul and the wing was never large enough to feel like too much disc.

In terms of flight ratings we’d give the UB Disc Golf Procul: 12, 4, -2.5 to 3, 2. Stronger arms will get more turn out of the Procul than weaker arms. The fade was there at the end of the flight, but nothing that will produce any big skips. The amount of turn was more than the amount of fade.

Looking at the flight chart from inbounds Disc Golf, you’ll see the type of flight we were getting out of the Procul. It would want to start to turn pretty quickly, but was always at a controllable level. The fade came late and was just enough to break it out of the anhyzer.

The amount of turn when combined with the moderate fade makes the Procul a very controllable distance driver. If you need a low shot to hit a window or have the room for a big sky anhyzer, the Procul will do the trick.

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