Box4Discs makes disc golf storage easy with the Trotterbox



When you first start playing disc golf, you start with just a few discs. You grab your favorite driver, midrange, and putter and head to your local course. You get bit by the disc golf bug and you are hooked. Now you are visiting the local disc golf retailer or browsing one of the many online shops looking for your next disc to buy.

A few weeks or months go by and you have new favorite discs. Of course, you need to buy some backups. Then your favorite company comes out with a new disc. You must have it. Then a new manufacturer comes out and you have to buy the all new discs.

Next thing you know, you have “too many” discs (is there such a thing?). What do you do with all of these? Keep them stacked up in a room? Throw them in some big plastic bin? What about a Trotterbox? What is a Trotterbox? Let us explain.

Box4Discs saw a problem: a lack of proper disc golf storage. After some testing, a solution was born: the Trotterbox. The Trotterbox is a cardboard box that is the perfect width for disc golf discs. The Trotterbox retails for $6.95 and holds at least 25 putters. You can also upgrade to the deluxe Trotterbox which includes a top cover for added protection.

Box4Discs sent us a few deluxe Trotterboxes to check out for ourselves. While we certainly don’t have 25 putters, we do have quite a few discs in our possession. We setup the boxes and started giving our discs a new home. We’re not a super neat freak, but the Trotterboxes do look better than just a stack of plastic.

Our boxes are filled with mainly drivers and midranges. We were able to fit 28 discs easily into one and 32 into another. We would expect you could fit 33-35 drivers alone into one of them. If you are someone who likes to bring plenty of backups to a tournament, a Trotterbox will do the trick. They can hold just about anything you’ll need in a simple, yet effective, way.

Box4Discs sent along a few of their dividers to try out too. These stick out just slightly from the top of the box with a perforated top that sits flat when closed with the lid. You can use this to separate manufacturers, types of discs, weights, colors, etc…. Right now, we have them setup to separate different manufactures. The dividers are great for retailers. You can write the type of discs on the top of the divider and customers will be able to easily see where each disc is.

The Trotterboxes are very sturdy — actually sturdier than we expected. They can easily hold the weight of (at least) another full Trotterbox stacked on top of it. This fact should appeal to collectors. Speaking of collectors, Box4Discs also sells bags that are 9×9 inches at 2 mil or 4 mil. Once you grab that prized disc, slip it into one of these bags, throw the bagged disc in a Trotterbox and you have a storage solution that will keep your prized plastic safe.

Box4DiscsAnother product from Box4Discs are flatter envelopes for shipping and smaller boxes for storage of a smaller amount of discs (3-4) or shipping.

Trotterboxes should appeal to three different groups for slightly different reasons. Casual golfers with plenty of discs will love a Trotterbox for easy storage that helps clean up clutter. Collectors should check out their storage bags for the collectable discs in addition to the Trotterbox itself. Retailers and/or vendors will find the Trotterbox as a great way to keep discs organized at tournaments or in the store. If you are a vendor that takes the in-store merchandise out to a tournament, the Trotterboxes provide a easy way to transport all of the discs to your location. When using the cover, you can flip it over, put the Trotterbox inside and you have a nice, clean way to showcase your products.

Trotterboxes start at $6.95 with the deluxe Trotterbox priced at $10.98. Dividers are just $0.25 each, bags are between $0.12 and $0.22. There is also wholesale prices available for retailers, vendors, and clubs. Head to the Box4Discs online store for full details.

To save some money, use the promo code 309ATDG at checkout to save 15% on your purchase.

The Trotterbox gives you a simple, clean way to store your disc golf discs. Able to hold between 22-30 discs, the Trotterbox will help organize all of your extra disc golf discs that don’t make it in the bag. Going to a tournament, load your backups in a Trotterbox. Running the merchandise table at a tournament? The Trotterbox will make transportation simple and give customers an easy way to find the disc they are looking for.


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