Throwback Sack Disc Golf Bag Review


For many disc golfers, nothing beats that casual round with friends when the weather is perfect and there is no excuse to not be outside. You pack your bag with your favorite discs, a few refreshments, and head to the course. One company, Throwback Sports, is looking to simplify the gear you need to bring to the course after combining a simple disc golf bag with a small cooler.

The Throwback Sack disc golf bag holds around 15 discs with a large insulated compartment on one side. While it isn’t the first disc golf bag with a cooler, they’ve tried to keep things simple and thus keep the costs down.

Features from the manufacture include:

  • Half Disc Carrier – Half Cooler: Hold 12 Discs and 6 Ice Cold Drinks.
  • Play Refreshed: Cooler holds 6, 12 oz. cans – plus an insulated drink holder for a 32 oz. bottle
  • All Day Comfort: A thick padded back and adjustable comfort strap mean you can play all day with ease.
  • Pencil holder, putter pocket, towel clip, zippered phone/wallet pocket, sturdy base + plastic feet and MORE

Throwback Sports sent us a Throwback Sack for this review and we’ve taken it out to the course to see how it stood up against the competition.

We’ll talk about the cooler feature in a moment, but want to first touch on the disc golf carrier side of things. Without anything in the cooler side of things we could comfortably fit 13 discs in the main compartment with one putter in the front pocket. We had plenty of room for another disc or two if we needed it when we left items out of the cooler. The front putter pocket could hold two discs, but we found things to be a little tight with a pair in there.

Throwback Sack

The opening itself is nice and large and won’t be a problem when it comes to getting discs in and out. The main compartment has a zipper flap to keep it open or closed. Once we unzipped the opening we had to just tuck the flap under the discs. We wouldn’t have been opposed to a small pocket to tuck this into to make things a little more organized.

Throwback Sack

One side of the bag features a larger single bottle holder, which strangely isn’t insulated, and a zipper pocket for other goods. It is flanked on the other side by slimmer pockets for a scorecard, or other small items. Storage is on par with other small bags like this, but it also isn’t striving to raise the bar too high in the main storage department.

The strap that comes with the the bag will get the job done. There is a small shoulder patch with minimal padding to help bring some comfort as you lug around a fully loaded bag. With only 15 discs in there, you don’t need much padding to get through the round. The back of the bag has a few padded strips to put some comfort on your hip as you carry the bag. It wasn’t too dramatic, but we welcomed the small addition.

Throwback SackAs for the cooler, we didn’t have six 12oz cans on hand to fully test it, but we threw a few water bottles in there with ease and still had some room for extras. It is deeper than expected and slightly wider than a typical can. You really don’t have to force extra space for your drinks. Everything should fit pretty comfortably. Making the cooler pocket taller than the rest of the bag was a smart design decision.

While it was in the 40s when we were using the bag, drinks stayed relatively cold when we had things zipped up. We would likely throw some ice packs of some sort in there on a warmer day to help ensure things remained chilled. We did test fit some ice packs and a handful of bottles and found things to be a little snug. It broke the shape of the cooler pocket a little bit and took up some space that could be left for other drinks, but it got the job done.

When we had the cooler pocket loaded up the bag’s overall weight would shift toward the cooler side of things. This wasn’t a big issue, but if things were a little more balanced it would have been a welcome sight. This is one of the bigger differences between the Throwback Sack and the Dynamic Discs Soldier Cooler Bag. The Solider Cooler bag keeps the cooler pocket in the middle of the bag to help distribute weight.

If you are needing some more space for drinks or snacks, there are two dividers that come with the bag for the main compartment. While it isn’t insulated, this could easily hold other drinks if you aren’t needing the space for discs.

Finally, even in 40 degree weather, the cold drinks produced a lot of condensation and we were left with some water in the cooler pocket when we were all done. There isn’t any drain hole or grommet to help with removing that water, but that would obviously take away from the insulation.

If the one or two cup holders that come on most bags won’t do the trick for you and you’ve been wanting an affordable the Throwback Sack could be what you’re looking for. Beyond the cooler pocket, it doesn’t have many bells and whistles, but that allows it to focus on a few things and do them well.

At the time of this posting, the Throwback Sack is available through Amazon for $49.99. For what you are getting, and with the cost of other disc golf bags without a cooler pocket, it is tough to beat the $50 price point. It holds a surprisingly high amount of discs for the size of the bag and even includes some extra storage and external cup holder.

If you’ve been craving that disc golf bag that won’t break the bank and keep a few beverages cold at the same time, the Throwback Sack is your ticket.


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