The SpinTV Series: The Greatness featuring Paul McBeth


As the 2015 PDGA World Championship is underway in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, what better way fill the extra time between rounds than learn a bit more about the reigning three-time world champion – Paul McBeth.

Produced by Epic DG Films, the first documentary in this series features an interview with Paul McBeth about how he got into the sport, his rise through the tournament scene, and his mindset about preparation. The documentary also showcases interviews with fellow Innova teammates, Nate Sexton and Drew Gibson, as they reflect on what has made Paul McBeth truly great.

We had a discussion about whether or not Paul McBeth is the best in the game, or the best of all time, recently. This documentary gives an exclusive look at the thought process behind the most dominant disc golfer of the last three years. Sit back and enjoy the high quality coverage of Paul McBeth as he gears up for another World Championship run.


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  1. Awesome documentary it’s similar to Disc Golf Matters documentary. For someone just getting into it it’s exciting to see the sport grow.

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