SpinTV raises the bar for disc golf videos


While disc golf videos can be found by the thousands on the internet, many of these are shot by your average disc golfer at their local course. The production values are low and the quality can vary from video to video. While there certainly are highly produced disc golf videos available today, one group is raising the bar. Today, SpinTV launched with a handful of videos that not only showcase the sport we love, but they do so with outstanding production.

One of the men behind SpinTV is Discmania CEO Jussi Meresmaa. It is clear that Meresmaa’s ideas for SpinTV are bold. Judging by the interview with Paul McBeth above or a look into Avery Jenkins’ bag below, it is clear that they are wanting a great first impression. We found ourselves glued to both videos and had to actually watch them twice. We were so focused on the quality of the production that we nearly missed some of the great content.

Meresmaa says, “The SpinTV is what the sport of Disc Golf has been lacking. The sport itself is wonderful in many aspects, but we need find ways to promote it so that it’s credible to the mainstream media. We wanted to develop the pinnacle Disc Golf medium out there and I think we’ve done a good job doing so. If you have a friend who doesn’t know anything about Disc Golf, this is the site you should show him.”

Another feature of SpinTV is an “Ask Us” section. Fans will be able to submit questions and have them answered by Meresmaa, Dave Dunipace, Jenkins, and McBeth.

SpinTV can be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+. Be sure to check out them out today. We’ll have a deeper look at SpinTV soon!




  1. Nick Novia on

    …and if you watch your videos on your TV…with Apple TV or something similar…wow, you can really see the difference, and appreciate the highest quality.

  2. The other problem with most of the you tube disc golf videos is the poor camera quality. Not only do those making the videos know nothing about cinematography, but it sees like they are filming with their camera phones. When somebody throws a disc, you can’t even see where the disc lands. Even the Prodigy disc video’s aren’t high quality. It’s nice to see Spin TV do it right.

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