SmashBoxxTV Podcast #45: Vibram Birdie Bash Championship and European Open Recaps


After covering the inaugural Vibram Birdie Bash Championship live in Kalamazoo, MI, Terry Miller and Johnny V were back at it again on their usual Tuesday night. Throughout the podcast they discuss various issues and news from around the world of disc golf, including the media coverage of the European Open, Jussi Meresmaa’s handling of some social media backlash, and plans for the PDGA World Championships.

Dana Vicich is on hand as usual to provide some insight into the scores from the European Open as well as the A-Tiers from around the country and other PDGA events. Zoe Andyke also returns to the show from her hometown in Oregon to discuss how she has been spending her break from touring and her plans for meeting Shasta Criss and driving cross-country to Pittsburgh for Worlds.

If you’re ever concerned with the length of these SmashBoxxTV podcasts, consider taking a tip from Johnny V and watching the videos at 1.5x speed. You won’t notice a big difference, but you’ll get through the podcasts much quicker.

As always, enjoy the fun banter, the puns, and all of the disc golf news as you step inside the SmashBoxx.


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