Simon Lizotte sets two disc golf distance world records


This past weekend will be one Simon Lizotte never forgets. At the Fall Desert Wind Open there are two goals: pure distance and world records. For Lizotte, he came home with not one, but two new world records.

First, Lizotte did what could be the unthinkable and tossed a mini, yes, the little small one, 527.9 feet (160.9 meters). Not only is it the new world record, it was the first time someone has thrown a mini over 500 feet.

Saturday the focused moved to the full sized discs with the goal of breaking David Wiggins’ record of 836 feet (255 meters). On his first attempt, Lizotte threw a 157g Innova Blizzard Champion Boss 863.5 feet (263.2 meters) for the new world record.

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Soon after the throw he got the confirmation on the distance and you can tell just by his reaction how excited he was to finally hold the top mark.

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While he wasn’t able to hold on to the record, Wiggins was able to improve on his own mark with a personal best throw of 851.5 feet (249.6 meters).

Congratulations to Lizotte on the record setting weekend. The expectations were high going into the weekend and Lizotte certainly surpassed them.



  1. About 2.5 football fields. Best I can do is 1 football field. I am using old golf frisbee. Arinatics I know have changed in the past 14 years. Hard to say if you’re not in the wind as he is. Still, that is far. Right cut, right wind, right frisbee. It can be achieved. How did he do on the against the wind. The move he is using I am not impressed with. If that is what he did. Good for him. Its enjoyable to watch a wind pick up the frisbee and carry it.

  2. Randy Waters on

    What do you think happens when you throw a disc?? You use wind to lift the disc and then hold it in the air

    • It is an amazing throw, with or without the wind. I wonder if there is a maximum allowable tailwind for the distance record, just as there is one for long jumping in track and field.

      Even with a good tailwind, I could only approach 400′, and that was using a flippy disc that would turn over for me, hold the line, and then the tailwind would cause it to glide about 50 feet more before finally fading at the end.