Sewing slip up leads to discounted bags from Upper Park Designs


A few months ago Upper Park Designs announced updates to their popular Shift and Rebel bags. Since the debut of the bags the Upper Park Designs staff has taken feedback from customers to help improve their products. Each new release has certainly been a step forward and they certainly aren’t slowing down. In the excitement of the release of the new Shift, the staff unfortunately found a small number of bags to have small defect. The top and middle pockets on the vertical storage were switched. This forced the middle pocket to be virtually useless while actually adding space to the bottom pocket.

Upper Park Designs Slight Shift

The rest of the incorrectly sewn bags feature all the same great great features as a correctly sewn Shift. Upper Park Designs sent us one of the slip ups, lightheartedly called the Slight Shift, and beyond the cosmetic difference, these are still fully functional bags. The two pockets with actually provide the same, if not slightly more, vertical storage.

We were able to easily fit three putters in the top pocket and comfortably found a home for three midranges in the bottom pocket. We then looked at the middle pocket and saw a small opening for a driver. We slipped in a Leopard, but any fairway driver and most distance drivers would be able to slide right on in that middle slot. Even with the slight error, the main functionality really does remain.

Upper Park Designs Slight Shift
Upper Park Designs Slight Shift

The rest of the bag is as designed. The side pockets are able to hold the rest of your discs while the overall stability is still there.

Best of all, Upper Park Designs is taking this error and giving you the benefit. The incorrectly sewn bags are now available for $99.99 through their websites. If you’ve had your eye on a new bag, act fast as the inventory is limited.


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