Second chance Christmas giveaway: Fluid, Frost, Elasto Four Packs


We hope you all had a great Christmas! In case the big man didn’t bring you what you had on your disc golf wish list, the folks at Dynamic Discs has sent us a box filled with discs in their new Fluid plastic along with some Latitude 64 Frost and Westside Elasto discs.

This is a new blend for the cold months that is a flexible plastic with many characteristics of their popular Lucid plastic, but remains flexible when it is cold outside. When the box first arrived it was sitting on the front porch in 30 degree weather for at least a few hours. We were anxious to try them out and when they were still cold they felt very close to how Lucid feels in warmer weather. On a blind test, it would be hard to tell the difference between Fluid in the winter and Lucid in the spring.

We brought the discs inside to let them warm up and instantly checked out the flexibility. These certainly do have a lot more flexibility, but they aren’t that floppy. You can really dig into the flight plates and trust the disc to return to shape.

In our limited time with the discs, the flights seemed pretty similar to their Lucid counterparts. The Judge and Truth could have been a little more stable while the Escape and Rivers seemed equal to what we’ve experienced in the past. The colder weather could have played a factor and it was a little windy at times. Even if you do see a little difference in flight, once they beat in a little, it will be hard to tell them apart. You can have a lot of confidence throwing these.


We wanted to punch up these prize packs a bit so we have four packages with four discs each in them. All discs are in the Fluid, Frost, or Elasto plastic.

  1. Westside World, Latitude 64 Diamond, Dynamic Discs Truth (First Run Stamp), Latitude 64 River
  2. Westside Giant, Latitude 64 Claymore, Dynamic Discs Judge (First Run Stamp), Dynamic Discs Escape (First Run Stamp)
  3. Westside World, Dynamic Discs Truth (First Run Stamp), Latitude 64 River, Dynamic Discs Escape (First Run Stamp)
  4. Westside Giant, Latitude 64 Claymore, Latitude 64 Diamond, Dynamic Discs Judge (First Run Stamp)

How to Enter

We’ll giveaway two prize packs on our Facebook page and two on Twitter. Here’s how you can enter:

  1. Like the All Things Disc Golf Facebook page and comment on the post first announcing this giveaway.
  2. Follow ATDG on Twitter (@ATDiscGolf) and copy and paste the following message exactly and tweet it out!

Don’t let winter slow you down! Win a Fluid, Frost, Elasto Four Pack from @ATDiscGolf & @DynamicDiscs #discgolf

Entries will be taken though Monday 12/29 at 11:59 p.m. Central Time. Winners will be announced Tuesday 12/30 on our Facebook page.


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