ScoreBand Play: Same functionality, improved design, better comfort


Last September we looked at the new ScoreBand, the watch-like product designed to help you keep score in various sports including disc golf. This fall, they have updated the ScoreBand with the addition of ScoreBand Play. ScoreBand Play is slightly larger, but brings an updated design, familiar functionality, and in our minds, a better overall experience.

The folks at ScoreBand sent us a new ScoreBand Play to check out and we were anxious to try things out on the course.

The first difference you’ll notice is the size. Like we mentioned, the ScoreBand Play is almost just a hair wider and overall a little more robust than its predecessor. Instead of a rounded design, the ScoreBand Play has a flatter profile and wider band which does translate to a more comfortable fit. You’ll also find a full watch style clasp to secure it to your wrist instead of just stretching it over your hand like a bracelet. This felt much more secure and much more comfortable. The adjustable size will ensure a fit for nearly everyone.

Previously, you could only see the total score and the hole you were currently on. Now, you can see hole by hole scoring and request a total score at just the press of a button. Once you put ScoreBand Play into Golf Mode, you’ll be able to use the bottom button on the front to advance your score and the top button to advance holes. After nine holes, you’ll get a total right away and can go back and request totals for the front nine and back nine by pressing and holding the top button.

If you entered a score incorrectly, you can easily adjust the error and move onto the next hole.

They’ve also added a backlight which does help brighten things up a bit if you’re playing a late night around or in the woods where a little added light can help. We’ve seen watches with brighter backlights, but this is still strong enough to get the job done.

The ScoreBand Play also brings increased water resistance. They say you wouldn’t want to shower with it on, but it can easily stand up to rain and sweat.

Finally, if you want to check the time during your round you can safely press and hold the backlight button and it will flip to show the time for a moment before flipping back. ScoreBand Play will continue to remember your score so you can jump right back in.

While we focused on just the Golf Mode, it still has the normal Time Mode, Tennis Mode, and AllScore Mode that the previous version had.

ScoreBand Play comes in three colors (grey, blue, and pink) and is currently available for $34.95. ScoreBand is also providing a promo code at their online store to save 20% on anything in their store. Use ATDG20 in their online store and take a little bit of savings for yourself.

The ScoreBand Play is a great evolution on the first generation ScoreBand. The wider fit, adjustable band, and overall comfort are really improved in the ScoreBand Play. If you aren’t wanting to use a mobile app or even the tried and true pencil and paper to keep track of your score, the ScoreBand Play continues to offer an easy and convenient way to see how your latest round is progressing.


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