Prodigy Disc M4 Review


Prodigy M4

As the 2013 disc golf season continues, the number of discs released by Prodigy Disc grows as well. After releasing a pair of distance drivers, Prodigy hit the midrange market with the release of three midrange discs. One of the most talked about discs in this line up is the Prodigy Disc M4.

Prodigy says this about the M4:

M4 is an extremely reliable under stable mid range driver. It is designed for all players and flies extremely far for a mid range. The M4 will turn up when thrown hard and will then have an extremely long glide and a soft straight finish. It is a favorite of the top pros who need to throw controlled long straight shots. The M4 features the trademark Easy Release Technology.

We have heard some people call the M4 the best midrange on the market. We took the M4 out to the course to see if it lives up to all the hype.

The M4 does have a nice low profile that fits nicely in the hand. When using a midrange disc, you certainly want a grip that feels like you have control of the disc and the M4 brings that to the party. Right away with our first throws, we noticed just how fast the M4 was. It certainly slots into the speed 5 category for midranges. The M4 also brings a nice amount of glide to really push it down the fairway.

The M4 is slightly understable at high speeds. We’d give it a turn rating of about -2. If given a little hyzer on release the M4 will flip up flat and ride a straight line. If you are facing a headwind, the M4 is not the disc to choose if you need a shot to go straight or left at the end. The amount of control the M4 has is very high. If needing to hit a tight window or through an alley in the woods, the M4 would be one to reach for.

Prodigy M4At the end of the flight, don’t expect a very strong fade at all from the M4. If you throw it on a slight anhyzer, or let the turn carry it right, don’t expect the M4 to come back for you. It will finish on that line. When flying on a straight line, the M4 will settle down nicely with a very forward fade.

Overall, we’d give the M4 a rating of 5, 5, -2, 1. Looking at the inbounds Disc Golf flight chart you’ll notice the understable flight path. In our tests, once it hits that turn, you won’t see it come back left too much.

The M4’s flight was very similar to that of a Discraft Buzzz SS or a beat in Buzzz. The ability to hyzerflip the M4 will be very appealing to disc golfers of any level. If we can make any prediction, we believe the M4 will be Prodigy’s most popular midrange (and maybe most popular disc).

So, is the Prodigy Disc M4 the best midrange on the market? It certainly is in the discussion, but we’ll leave the final decision up to you.


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  1. While I also don’t know if the M4 is the best midrange ever, it has found a place in my bag along with the M1. I’ve thrown nearly every midrange disc on the market, and since I started testing Prodigy mids a few months ago, they have stayed in my bag. I used to be an MVP midrange guy, but I just like the feel and flight of the Prodigy mids better.

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