Prodigy Disc PA4 Review


Prodigy PA4

As Prodigy Disc continues to fill out their entire lineup of discs, Prodigy recently released their second putter: the Prodigy Disc PA4. While it’s PA1 cousin is stable to overstable, the PA4 sits on the understable side of the flight charts.

Prodigy says this about the PA4:

PA4 is an under stable Putt and Approach disc. It is designed for all players and skill levels. The PA4 will turn up when thrown hard and will then have a long glide and gentle turning finish.

As with the PA1, the PA4 we were able to test was in the 500 series plastic (get our thoughts on the 500 series plastic in our review of the PA1). We first used the PA4 as a driver and noticed a very controllable flight. There was little doubt that the PA4 was an understable disc. When thrown flat, the PA4 would track slightly to the right before settling back down to the left at the end. When released with some hyzer the PA4 would flip up flat and fly straight, or, depending on the angle of release, even track on a very slight line to the right before finishing straight.

Where the PA4 really shined for us was as an approach disc. When used from inside 100-150 feet, the PA4 was one of the most accurate putters we’ve used when used for upshots. The undertstable flight path allowed us to trust the PA4 on a nice straight line without worrying about the disc turning over or hyzering out on us. It could hold a slight anhyzer line or hold a very nice controllable hyzer line with a straight finish.

The PA4 also had more glide than the PA1 during our tests. This brought slightly more distance off the tee and allowed approach shots to remain in the air slightly longer than the PA1.

Prodigy PA4As a putter, the PA4’s glide and understable flight provided a very straight flight when used inside the circle. If given a little hyzer out of the hand, and enough speed, the PA4 would fly a very straight line into the chains.

The flight chart from inbounds Disc Golf shows the nice turn of the PA4 with just a small amount of fade at the end. We’d give the Prodigy PA4 flight ratings of 2, 3.5, -2, 1.

Where the PA4 showed it’s strength was on approach shots. The undertstable flight and glide helped us hit our target on many approach shots. It can handle just about anything you throw at it. If you like a more understable putter, the PA4 should be more appealing to you than the PA1.


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  1. Picked up one of these in the 400 series plastic, not great for putting unless its super hot out because it is slick. That said I use this disc for any approach that might touch a tree or one that needs to go right brought a pesky pine and it slips rot through. I think 300 series plastic would be much better at grabbing the chains. But all in all a great addition to my bag. I use it mostly for approaches. This disc does have a little stronger fade than I originally anticipated but maybe in the grippy plastic it would fade a little less. Tough disc to find if you lose sight of it because it is ice clear. But otherwise its a pretty disc

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