PDGA to allow electronic components in disc golf discs


PDGA - Electronics

Beginning November 17, 2014, PDGA approved disc golf discs will be allowed to have embedded electronic components within the disc itself. In an announcement, the PDGA states no metal will be allowed to be externally exposed. Along with the change for electronic elements, they also adjusted the language to allow for a thicker circular area on the underside of the discs that would also house part of the components needed. All discs with this new technology will still need to pass all the other PDGA standards to be approved for tournament use.

Between now and November, disc manufactures will be able to find ways to incorporate this new option into their discs. By no means it is a mandatory item, but something that could lead to some interesting routes. Chatter online quickly turned to a few options that could come from this rule change. Many suggested GPS technology to track where your disc went and just how far it went, while others suggested a sort of LED technology to allow for an enhanced night golf experience. In reality, Innova’s April Fools joke from this year would technically be legal.

Only time will tell what discs do with this change.


While you can read the full rule changes at the PDGA website, we want to hear from you. Let’s get a discussion going in the comments about what you would like to see a company do with this new change to allow electronic elements in a disc.



  1. Charles Cunningham on

    GPS chip with an app for locating lost discs. Alternatively (or in combo) an RF emitter with a handheld locator. GPS could get you within 15 ft, then the RF locator could pinpoint it. Accelerometers would give us more info on velocity, angular momentum, and force of impact. Honestly more interested in the science than tracking lost discs. Need to consider how these will affect weight and weight distribution. Probably need balanced with another sensor or counterweight on the other side.

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