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After three rounds of ther PDGA National Tour, Paul McBeth sits atop the standings. McBeth won the first two stops of the tour and followed it up with a fifth place finish in the Kansas City Wide Open. McBeth was kind enough to talk to All Things Disc Golf after the KCWO. 

All Things Disc Golf: You were in the mix at the Kansas City Wide Open last weekend. Finished in a tie for 5th. Lets first hit on the tournament itself. The KCWO sounds like a great stop on the National Tour. Did you like the KCWO?

Paul McBeth: The KCWO is a tournament with history behind it, so it is always a pleasure being apart of it.

ATDG: You carded two rounds rated at 1056 and another at 1078. With three rounds like that to your name, and only finishing in 5th, what does that say for the level of talent on the National Tour this year?

PM: It means you can’t make many mistakes, players are always waiting for that one moment and take advantage of it.

ATDG: You’ve had a great start to the season with wins at the Memorial Championship and “Steady” Ed Memorial Masters Cup. You’ve also added second place finishes at the Gentlemen’s Club Challenge, Dynamic Discs Glass Blown Open, and SOKY Championships. What is your overall view of your game right now?

PM: I’m feeling really confident with my game right now. I don’t feel like I have weakness in my game right now it’s the mental mistakes that cost you wins.

ATDG: Has your putting been the key to the early success? Any tips for other golfers looking to improve inside the circle?

PM: When your putting well you confidence is riding high which is a must when wanting to improve and win. My tip would be PRACTICE, you can’t improve without it. Good practice makes good play, Sloppy practice makes sloppy play.

ATDG: We’re about a month out from PDGA Worlds in Charlotte. What does your schedule have in store until then? 

PM: Of course we have Beaver State Fling around the corner, but first I’m playing in Utah and then after BSF I will be heading east to Minnesota for the majestic.

ATDG: Are you planning on playing any international tournaments? 

PM: I can’t miss out on the European Majors! After the Majestic I will be flying to Stockholm, Sweden to play the SDGC which should be a blast. 

ATDG: Instead of the “pick one disc to play a round with” — lets pick four discs. Any four you want for a round. What do you pick and why?

PM: Right now I would have to go with a Destroyer (max D and sidearms), T-Bird (anything), Roc (upshots and short drives), KC Aviar (putting).

ATDG: Have you thrown the new Innova Blizzard Champion discs? Thoughts?

PM: Yes and they go FAR! They will be a factor for player who get a chance to throw them in non-windy conditions

ATDG: Have you thrown any of the latest Innova molds? Mamba, King Cobra, Super Stingray, Krait?

PM: I have thrown the Mamba once and it rolled so I really didn’t see a interest in it. The other three I have yet to throw but I did talk to Innova and will toss some around at BSF.

ATDG: You’re running a blog with your girlfriend, Brittany Blair, How did the idea for the blog start? Have you enjoyed traveling and being able to document everything?

PM: Well let me just say my girlfriend is greedy, she was googling ways to make money on the road and one of the top ways was Blogging. I looked into it some more and thought it would be a great way to make some money to eventually buy a video camera so we could begin to post tip videos and adventures on the road.  If you would like to help out visit our site and please leave comments, subscribe and give us any ideas you would like to see.

ATDG: What do you do between tournaments?

PM: Recover, Drive, Fly, Practice and try to stay in the loop with all the other players out there. It’s tough staying connected on the road but we try our best.

ATDG: Who makes it possible for you travel around and play disc golf? 

PM: First our my family they allow me to live the lifestyle I do and fully support it. Every other disc golfer out there with out them there would be no one to compete against and always my sponsors Innova, Dynamic Discs and SpitFire minis.

Thanks again to Paul McBeth for taking a few moments to talk to us. Hopefully we’ll hear from him again soon.


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