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Long distance shots with low effort are the dream of many disc golfers. Find a disc that requires just a little effort before watching it really soar can not only help lower scores, but it can help raise confidence too. We often talk about confidence when it comes disc golf and the MVP Disc Sports Wave is a disc that can certainly be thrown with a said confidence. With a stable-to-understable flight it doesn’t take much to get it going and the distances can certainly be pleasing.

MVP says this about their latest distance driver:

The Wave is best described as a longer Inertia, with a stable-understable flight profile and a responsiveness that makes it useful across the power spectrum. Available in weights 175g – 155g, the Wave is the type of driver that players may bag in two or more weights for shot variety. For the most powerful throws, long gliding turnovers and hyzerflip gut shots are possible with the Wave. For average powered throws the Wave will simply extend a variety of lines, from anhyzers to hyzerflips to headwind-assisted turnovers.

MVP sent us a Wave in Neutron plastic to review and we’ve were anxious to take it out on the course.

The Wave is one of the few discs from MVP that almost has a little dome to it. It has a very rounded shoulder that seems wider than other discs in their lineup. Many discs tend to become board flat and this has a gentle arc from side to side. You’ll have a full feel in the hand and when combined with a 21.5 mm rim you know you are holding a disc that wants to travel far. There is certainly some speed here.

When throwing the Wave we saw an undoubtedly understable flight, but it isn’t too flippy. We initially headed to the field and saw a few throws where we gave it a flatter release. The Wave would kick into a decent turn and hold that turn for the majority of the flight. About 3/4 the way through the flight it would start to flatten back out before showing a very moderate fade at the end. The fade certainly wasn’t too strong, but was just enough to break it out of a big turn like that. The disc itself finished well right of center, but it did gain some nice distance.

We continued to dial in this turn and soon found a sweet spot of just to the left of center as our initial line and would watch it travel back across the fairway to the right and glide out before finishing just to the right of the overall center line. It never quite came back to the middle, but if you have the room, it loves a full flight.

We found ourselves on a few holes where we needed to throw more of a hyzer flip style shot and the Wave continued to perform for us. It would flip up pretty quickly and tend to show even a little turn before a soft, but consistent finish. Either on these hyzer flip shots or with a little less power, you can really get the Wave to finish on a line nearly dead straight in front of you.

For the majority in our testing group, the Wave showed the strongest performance in the turnover shot. Giving it some height and letting it fly from left to right was key. If you needed it to remain to the right, give it a little (just a hair) of anhyzer out of your hand and you’ll get it to just ride that line the entire time.

While it certainly has some speed, the glide on the Wave was nice to see too. If it didn’t have this level of glide, it likely wouldn’t be able to hit that late fade as easily.

The Wave also lands into the category of “beginner friendly.” We don’t often recommend high speed drivers for beginners, but the Wave wouldn’t be a horrible choice. It will likely be a little more stable for slower arms, but it is a flight path that is manageable.

Overall, we’d rate the MVP Disc Sports Wave at 12, 5, -3, 1. It is certainly on the understable side of things, but it isn’t the most flippy disc out there. The glide is certainly a welcome feature on the Wave and helps you get those long distances.

We were able to achieve distance right along side some of our more stable distance drivers, but we did so with possibly less effort. You have the option with the Wave to let it do the work and allow the understable flight to carry out big s-curve style shots, or you could rely on more of the hyzer flip approach and control the lines yourself. The options are certainly there with the Wave. The more room it has to fly, the better the results will be.

Like we said, if you want long distance without a lot of effort, the MVP Disc Sports Wave is what you’re looking for.


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  1. Thanks for the review. I have two Neutron Waves, one 153g and the other 173g. The 153g is very understable and flippy. I throw hyzer-flips with this disc for tremendous distance (I would say it could be a speed 13 disc), but it does not like the headwinds. The 173g is like a longer Inertia, a bit more stable than the 153g. I don’t need to hyzer-flip it to get a nice turn and good fade back. For me, it’s like a TeeDevil, just a tad longer. The 173g disc also did okay in headwinds for me. Between these two discs, my long range disc needs are met.

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