MVP Disc Sports Plasma Plastic Review


Earlier this month MVP Disc Sports introduced their fourth plastic blend: Plasma. The new blend brings a slightly softer feel in comparison to Neutron plastic, with a great metallic look.

Even though Plasma is regarded as a new plastic, MVP says some might have had the chance to get their hands on it in the past:

Plasma began development in 2013. Throughout 2014 small numbers of metallic discs were released within regular production Neutron shipments. Prototype Plasma was seen in the “metallic” Neutron Envy, Crave, Switch, Tesla, Volt, and Icon mini. Plasma will never again be seen with a Neutron stamp.

MVP sent us an Ion and Anode in the new Plasma plastic to check out and beyond just the physical appearance, Plasma will easily find a home in MVP’s line up.

Both discs sent our way came in two different blue hues. The Ion has a subtle metallic style to it with some small swirls and accents to give it a very clean look. The Anode on the other hand has a number of metallic like features along the edge of the rim before a very eye catching flight plate. Plasma certainly adds some elements to the plastic that will make it visually stand out from Proton and Neutron.

When it comes to flight, the Plasma Ion and Anode really fit right in line with their counterparts in other plastics. The flight seemed very similar to what we’ve experienced in the Proton and Neutron plastics. Anyone who is a fan of either of these putters will be able to pick up an Plasma version and feel right at home.

We wouldn’t say there any noticeable differences except for glide and grip. There might be a little added glide in the Plasma putters. It was hard to tell without many more rounds with the putters and in the different conditions we were testing them in. There certainly wasn’t any less glide, which was a positive thing to see.

Plasma does have a little more flexibility than Neutron, but not as much as the Neutron/Proton Soft plastics. You could call this a “medium” plastic blend for MVP. The grip is certainly there and the flight plate does allow you to dig your thumb in and trust what you’re throwing. We found the Plasma to be the grippiest plastic from MVP outside of Electron.

Plasma Ions and Anodes are in stores now with more molds on their way throughout 2015.


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