MVP Disc Sports Phase Review


We often talk about drivers that have a little finesse to them. You can control the flight and gain distance while really making it do what you want it to do in the air. Other times we talk about drivers that just love pure power and can handle everything you can give it. The MVP Disc Sports Phase is more of the latter of the two.

With a sleek profile and plenty of speed, the MVP Phase is the cream of their overstable-distance-driver crop.

The Phase caps off the acclaimed 21.5mm Distance class. Fans of the Photon, Motion, and Resistor will love the power resistance and wind-fighting characteristics that make the Phase perfect for throwing strong lines in any wind condition, with absolute confidence in its overstable finish. Forehanders, big arms, and those facing a windy line will appreciate what the Phase adds to their arsenal of reliable options.

MVP sent us a Phase to review and it was certainly a disc that didn’t shy away from much. The rim of the MVP measures at 21.5mm which is on the wider side of things, but with a low shoulder and flight plate, it is a very easy driver to get a hold of. Some of the really overstable distance drivers have a rim that is tough to work with, but we actually felt quite comfortable with the Phase. It still might not be for everyone, but it should have a wider audience than others.

There are two main features of the Phase that you’ll notice with just a few throws. It has some nice speed and there is plenty of stability throughout the entire flight.

The Phase would really get up to speed quickly and there was no doubt we were gaining some distance with it. We’ll detail the stability in a moment, but due to how it can handle a lot of power, there is really no limit to what you can give the Phase. The more power you can give the Phase, the better off you’ll be. Sure, you can adjust the flight angles to get an even more expressive throw, but the main factor is the power. Just throw it hard and you’ll be fine.

At high speeds there is virtually no sign of any turn from the Phase. Really strong arms might get a little bit of movement, but it won’t do much at all. It will virtually hold whatever line you initially release it on, especially any hyzer angle. If you give it some hyzer on release, it will remain at that angle the entire flight. If there is a little anhyzer to the throw, expect it to break out relatively quickly and return to a flat flight.

Headwinds are really no problem for the Phase, too. We had no trouble throwing the Phase into anything from a moderate to really gusty headwind. There are times when you’re faced with a shot that calls for a big drive and the headwind in front of you really has you thinking and second guessing your disc selection. The Phase should take some of the hesitation out of your mind as you can reach for it with confidence time and time again.

The fade of the Phase is as strong as you’d want it to be. It will fade each and every time. There is no doubt about that. As with any disc, but you’ll really notice it with the Phase, the stronger your throw, the later the fade begins to really show up. We were able to pump the Phase out on some big hyzer lines out over some OB or around some trees and we always expected it to return back to the center of the fairway or slightly further left. Once you learn the pattern of the fade, which does have a little forward push to it, you’ll be able to place it quite easily.

There is a hint of glide with the Phase, but it leans more on power and speed than glide to gain distance. It isn’t a rock in the air, but don’t expect a lot of effortless distance.

Overall, we’d rate the MVP Disc Sports Phase at 12, 4, 0, 4. It requires some power and speed to gain the distance you’re wanting, but the high speed and low speed stability will give you a lot of trust in the flight. Don’t expect much turn and just wait for the fade to kick in.

For those who have been waiting for a high speed overstable distance driver from MVP… your wait is over. The MVP Phase is very PD2-esque. Loves power, wants power, and can handle just about everything you give it. Don’t be shy with the Phase. The more you can give it, the better off you’ll be.


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