MVP Disc Sports Orbital Review


We’re just going to cut to the chase… the MVP Disc Sports Orbital is THE most beginner friendly distance driver available. The flight is one of the most understable discs we’ve thrown and can easily become a great learning tool for many who are just getting into the sport.

Typically we don’t recommend high speed drivers for those who are just getting into disc golf. If you aren’t able to get it up to speed, you likely won’t get the results you’re looking for and the frustration can quickly set in. That isn’t the case with the MVP Orbital. Here’s what MVP says about this understable flier:

The Orbital is designed as the most understable driver in the acclaimed 21.5mm Distance class. Fans of the Wave, Inertia, and Impulse will find a familiar highly responsive character in the Orbital, as it can be manipulated onto a variety of lines relative to power level and release angles. Smooth throwers and those with modest driver power will maximize straight distance flights best with the Orbital. Power throwers will discover a range of roller, sky turn, and low ceiling finesse lines.

MVP sent us an Orbital in Neutron plastic and it certainly led to one of the most unique testing sessions we’ve experienced. We try and avoid descriptions and outside opinions before we throw a new disc for a review. We want to go in without any preconceived thoughts.

MVP Orbital

Just by looking at the Orbital, we knew we had an understable disc, but we weren’t quite prepared for what happened next. We ran up the teebox and gave it a full power throw. In seconds the Orbital was on edge and already into a long range roller. It was easily the quickest we’ve seen a disc hit the ground and take off like that. We’re no stranger to rollers, but that was unlike anything else we’ve seen. It wanted to do one thing and that was turn and land on edge.

A little baffled, we gave a few more full power throws and gave it some added height to give it some more room to fly. Anytime anyone who had over 300 feet of power threw it with full force, it would flip and turn into a roller. Seeing this, we really powered things down to see what the Orbital could do at low speeds.

We took a very casual run-up and threw a drive at about 50% power. Even with a little hyzer we saw the Orbital flip to flat and then into a slight left to right turn as it moved on down the fairway. It didn’t take much to get the Orbital going and even at such a light throw, we were able to get some nice distance out of it. The distances weren’t the longest we’ve ever seen, but when thrown at 50% power, they were impressive.

Soon we moved to a hole with a small window to hit about midway down the fairway before a slightly downhill finish. A midrange is typically enough to put us inside the circle on this hole, but requires a pretty strong throw. We took the Orbital and threw it like we would a typical approach shot. We used just one step and a very smooth and controlled drive to get it moving. The power wasn’t much at all and we were still able to see a little turn. The Orbital had a little left to right movement before showing a very soft fade. The ratio of power to distance was very unique. It really didn’t take much and we found ourselves close to where a midrange would land. Trust us when we say “little power” in this review. It was nearly effortless.

Slower arms who might release drives with a lot of hyzer angle, or just don’t quite have that much arm speed can get a flight that will have some turn to it, it will be a much straighter flight and can produce a very pleasing result. The frustration of watching a disc perform more overstable than expected is common when first getting into disc golf. Those frustrations won’t be there with the MVP Orbital.

Overall, we’d rate the MVP Orbital at 12, 5, -6, 1. We’ve never given a disc a -6 rating for turn, but the Orbital reaches that level. Many would look to those numbers and think the disc just isn’t for them. They could be right, but it also fills a void that many disc golfers are looking for. This is a great disc to learn from and learn just how to throw. Plus, if you want effortless rollers, the Orbital is the ticket.

Slower arms and beginning disc golfers will likely see a flight close to ratings of 12, 5, -3, 1.5. The turn will still be there, but it will be less extreme as the power behind it will be less.

As we stated at the beginning of the review, we feel the MVP Orbital is the most beginner friendly distance driver you’ll find. Power arms will likely find it to be too understable, but they aren’t the target audience for this disc. For someone who has very few hours of play under their belts, the Orbital will be very easy to throw. The results will be pleasing and the flight won’t be frustrating.


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