MVP Disc Sports Impulse Review


The set of distance drivers from MVP Disc Sports is finally complete. The release of the MVP Disc Sports Impulse marks the fourth addition to their first releases in the distance driver category. When MVP first announced their new distance drivers, the Impulse lined up as the most understable of the foursome, but after our tests, it might not be as understable as first expected.

MVP says this about their latest understable distance driver:

The Impulse’s understable profile will allow high power throwers to achieve controllable hyzerflips that will carry far and accurately.  Its Neutral to Understable flight for even low power throwers will allow for reliably straight to turnover distance lines with accuracy.

MVP sent us an Impulse to review and we gave it quite the test on the course this past weekend. We were graced with moderate winds and plenty of room to throw so we could give an accurate feel for how the Impulse performed into and with the wind.

With the typical flat top, the Impulse has a shoulder with a decent angle to it before a moderately concave bottom wing. The result is a very comfortable driver that almost makes the Impulse feel smaller than it really is. When you combine the flight with the feel, it creates a great beginner friendly disc — but also has a lot of strengths for more experienced players.

Let’s first get a very easy statement out of the way. The Impulse is not a disc to throw into a headwind. Just don’t. You’ll dislike the results and quickly realize that there are better options for into the wind.

Don’t discount that previous statement as an overall statement on the Impulse. The Impulse will shine with tailwinds or with very little wind. The Impulse will kick out of the hand quickly and instantly start to show some movement. With a flat release you’ll see the Impulse will move into a turn nearly right away. It isn’t a very fast turn, but it turns quite a bit. The more power you have, the more turn you’ll see. The turn is similar to the MVP Inertia and just a touch more understable.

If you can give the Impulse a little hyzer and adjust that angle based on your arm speed, the Impulse will become a great hyzer flip machine. Our best throws with the Impulse came when we did want to hyzer flip it. It allowed it to flip to flat, then roll over a touch before producing a very straight finish. The entire flight was on a very tight line, but there was a lot of action while it was in the air. You do have to be careful of not adding any anhyzer onto the Impulse though if you’re wanting a straighter flight. This is one of those discs that you need to trust and have it perform as it naturally wants to.

Now, for those big sweeping anhyzer shots, give the Impluse will be able to nail the shot you’re wanting, but it will need some height to do it. Again, you don’t need to turn over on it too much yourself. The Impulse will turn quickly and maintain a turn for the entire flight. It is a very touchy shot and once you can learn the right control, it can fill that void in your bag.

The fade of the Impulse is again very similar to the Inertia and maybe a touch harder. There is enough fade to bring it out of a slight turn, but it won’t finish too far to the left. If you can get a really big rip on the Impulse, the fade is more of a natural finish for a disc that has just lost all its speed.

Overall, we’d rate the MVP Disc Sports Impulse at 10.5, 4.5, -3.5, 1.5. The numbers are similar to the Inertia, but you’ll get a little more turn and a touch more fade at the end of the flight.

The Impulse will shine the most on holes where you have a wind at your backs or mother nature is calm at that moment. There is certainly a lot of movement on the Impulse and if you want the most out of the Inertia, you need to let that movement happen. The turn is there and it will want to show itself. The more you can control the angle of the release and the power you give it, the better your results will be.

If you are a fan of the Inertia, you will likely see a very similar flight. These two discs obviously come from the same family and are brothers. The Impulse does have a touch more turn, especially for stronger arms, and has maybe a little more fade at the end. If the Inertia wasn’t what you were wanting in an understable driver, the Impulse will be what you’re looking for.



  1. I have several MVP Discs; all have a place in my bag. Just got the Impulse; looking forward to it becoming a compliment to my Inertia.

  2. I love MVP! I own fairway and distance driver MVP discs. They are awesome! Can’t wait to buy more.

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