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A few weeks ago we reached out to the disc golf community to see if there was a chance to expand the staff of All Things Disc Golf. After a tremendous response, we have finished what has turned into phase one of our expansion. Truthfully, we’re already working on phase two.

A few people said when they contacted us that our plans seemed vague. In reality, they were right. We weren’t sure which direction we wanted to head and didn’t want to look past ideas that we didn’t think of ourselves. Now, before we talk about the new staff, one introduction needs to be made first: the person writing this article.

My name is Zach Parcell. Up until today, I’ve been the only member of the All Things Disc Golf staff. Every article, interview, and review (more on this in a moment), has been written by myself. I first played disc golf about 6-7 years ago and didn’t think much of it. I gave it another chance about three years ago and got bit by the bug. After spending the last six years in communications and marketing, I wanted to start a blog of my own which turned into All Things Disc Golf.

This site has never been about me or promoting my name. It’s been about promoting disc golf and everything included with it. Even with this expansion, promoting disc golf and bringing new people into the sport is exactly our goal.

Why the expansion? The site has almost outgrown me. In early 2013, I was excited to get 1,000 people in a month to visit the site. Today, our daily traffic can easily eclipse that 1,000 mark. Our monthly traffic is 10x what it was 12 months ago. I never thought this site could turn into what it is today and I feel with some help, it can be even better.

Today, the All Things Disc Golf staff expands by 800%. Exciting? Yes. A little scary? Sure. As we looked at the people who reached out to us hoping to join ATDG, we also looked at where we had a void. In the end, I can’t be more excited about the team that has been assembled. Let’s meet the new All Things Disc Golf staff….


Das Loomis – Das has been a disc golfer for nearly seven years. You might recognize his name as one of the contributing writers to the PDGA’s DiscGolfer magazine. He likes to say he lives in Lahti, Filand, but splits his time between Lahti and Kansas City. He previously worked in promotions and production for ESPN, NBC, Paramount and Disney. He also serves as the press agent for the 2014 Japan Open.

His favorite discs include Innova’s Echo Star Destroyer and Champion Sparkle Teebird, and Dynamic Discs’ Lucid Truth and Classic Blend Warden.

Das will be a feature writer for us and already has a few great posts coming very soon.

Jack Trageser – Jack fills a big void for All Things Disc Golf. Jack is the founder of School of Disc Golf and will be our lead instructional writer. Jack was previously a writer at Rattling Chains. Jack has been playing disc golf since the late 1980s and has been addicted since the 90s. He lives in Santa Cruz, CA with his home course being DeLaveaga DGC (with shout-outs to Black Mouse in Felton and Pinto Lake in Watsonville).

Jack was also the the host of the short-lived TV/YouTube show called Discmasters, along with Avery Jenkins, Val Jenkins and Nate Doss.

His favorite discs include the  Vibram’s o-Lace and Obex, Discraft’s Crank, Innova’s Blizzard Ape, OOP Champion Cobra and 150-gram bottom-stamped DX Aviar.

Jack will bring his insight and instruction to All Things Disc Golf on a regular basis.

Adam Adkins – Adam started playing disc golf six years ago and is currently a copy editor for Cox Media Group in Dayton, Ohio. Adam pitched us some really exciting ideas that we couldn’t pass up.

Adam’s favorite discs include Innova’s Dragon, KC Pro Roc and KC Pro Aviar, MVP’s Tangent, and Gateway’s Wizard.

Expect to see some new features from Adam in the very near future. He’ll be a feature writer and help cover PDGA tournaments.

Joe Michalowski – Joe is currently a student at Providence College in Providence, RI as an English major. Joe picked up disc golf four years ago and just recently got into tournaments. Joe has previously worked as a freelance journalist covering the Pawtucket PawSox minor league baseball team.

Joe’s favorite discs include Vibram’s Lace, Discmania’s FD, Discraft’s Comet, and Dynamic Discs’ Judge.

Joe will be one of our writers helping cover the PDGA tour from the weekly A-Tiers to the National Tour and Majors this season and contributing many feature posts.

John Rogers – John comes to us from Bellingham, MA. John is a recent graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Lowell with a degree in English. He is also an intern writer for Major League Ultimate’s Boston Whitecaps. 2014 will be John’s second tournament season with almost eight years of disc golf experience. He is a member of the New England Flying Disc Association and Team Trilogy.

John’s favorite discs are the Latitude 64 River and Pure and Westside Warship.

John will also be covering the PDGA action and will be a feature writer as well.


Along with adding writers, we wanted to get into the design and photography world of disc golf. We’re starting out with three disc golfers who will help us launch a new feature which will debut in a few weeks.

David Alaniz – David’s portfolio jumped out to us right away. Currently living in Houston, Texas, David’s background as a graphic designer for a local newspaper will be a big asset to ATDG. Even though he recently picked up disc golf, we can tell he is already hooked.

Jory Reid – Jory is another graphic designer with a very nice portfolio. Jory works at and currently attends Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah where he is a marketing major. Jory has been a disc golfer for about three years and is a member of the Salt Lake City Runnel Runners.

Anthony Marshall – Anthony is a very talented freelance photographer and designer. He first started playing disc golf 12 years ago, but got hooked about 5 years later. He currently lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Anthony’s favorite discs include Discmania’s FD, Innova’s Roc3, Gateway’s Wizard, and Dynamic Discs’ Judge.

Stay tuned for later this month when we unveil what these three have been working on. We think the ATDG audience will really enjoy the final products.

The Arsenal

While I have been the only writer up until this point, I have had some help with reviews. We’ve stated this before, but wanted to go into some more detail. If I was the only one throwing discs for a review, the results wouldn’t be honest and fair. From the beginning, we wanted to make sure we had various skill levels throw the discs we were reviewing. We wanted cannon’s for arms and folks who can only throw about 280 feet on a good day. Each and every disc will perform differently for every single disc golfer out there. We wanted to make sure our reviews covered what it can do for each skill level.

We don’t rate the discs on a scale of 1-10. What is a 10 in my book, might only be a five in yours. We tell you what the disc does, not if it is better than another one.

The group that we use to help us review discs we call the All Things Disc Golf Arsenal. We call the leader of the ATDG Arsenal, the General. The General is a pro with experience in many top tournaments. He also has a cannon and has 400 foot power on a consistent basis.

When you combine the feedback from the General and the other members, we can finally settle on flight numbers and talk about the flight we experienced.

We will always use this method in our reviews to provide our readers with the most accurate descriptions possible. If you can throw 200 feet or 400 feet, you’ll be able to understand how a disc flies.

After communicating with the new staff over the last few weeks, I’m very excited to get started with this new group. We can’t thank our audience enough. If you didn’t continue to come back and read All Things Disc Golf, we wouldn’t have a reason to do it. 2013 was just the start. Just wait and see what 2014 has planned.


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