Masters Cup preview: the toughest stretch of par 3’s in disc golf


The 2014 Steady Ed Memorial Masters Cup takes place in Santa Cruz, CA this weekend, and the challenges the players will face are well known. Fast greens, technical and varied layout, deep wooded gorges just off the fairways . . . the list goes on. When DeLa is in its longest configuration (as it is all three rounds of the Pro Masters Cup) this 30-plus year old course still scores tougher than any other stop on the National Tour.

Hole 13 at DeLaveaga

The view of this picture of Hole 13 at DeLaveaga is from behind the basket looking back to the fairway. Obviously the epitome of a guarded green. Add 500-plus feet of distance and this is one tough par 3. (Photo by John Hernlund)

In particular there is a stretch of four holes where birdies are rare and opportunities for a blowup abound: Holes 11-14. I think it is likely the toughest such stretch of par 3’s on the tour, although I’m sure there are arguments to be made otherwise. A case could even be made for the four finishing holes at DeLa – known locally as ‘The Hill’. The main added element there is the fact that players encounter them at the end of a 4-plus hour round. But I still contend that 11-14 are even tougher.

Rather than go into written hole-by-hole details about why this stretch can prove so pivotal and presents such a challenge to even average par for all four, I partnered with All Things Disc Golf’s video partner, Central Coast Disc Golf, to put together a video review. You’ll see instances of each hole being played successfully, and not so much, along with commentary that hopefully sheds light on why they are so dangerous. Enjoy the show!


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