Latitude 64 Spark Review


Having control over a fairway driver can really take your game to the next level. The added speed over a midrange can bring extra distance, but it placing it accurately in the fairway is key. The Latitude 64 Spark is one fairway driver with a little added speed and a great mix of stability which produces a disc that can play a unique role in your bag.

Latitude 64 says this about their stable-to-overstable driver:

Do you need stability & control in any condition? Do you need a dependable fairway driver? The Spark is the number one choice for you if you have answered YES to those two questions. Designed to be the work horse for accurate fairway drives, you can rely on the Spark’s dependable fade and stable performance in the air. The Spark is useful in many ways and is perfect for thumbers and forehand shots. The Spark is David Feldberg’s new signature disc and, like Dave, it will always be on top!

Dynamic Discs sent us a Latitude 64 Spark in Opto plastic for this review and it can certainly do quite a bit on the course. The Spark has a decent sized rim for a fairway driver, but with a small rounded shoulder blending into a flat top, you get a disc that feels faster than it really is.

The Spark’s rim size (1.9 mm) is slightly larger than the Latitude 64 Saint Pro (1.8 mm), but feels very different. The Saint Pro has a more pronounced dome, while the Spark just has much flatter profile. If you liked the flight of an Opto Saint Pro, but didn’t like the feel, the Spark might be what you’re wanting.

The speed of the Spark is there and can help get you down the fairway with some added distance. There isn’t a lot of glide so this is another one of those discs that will rely on power than finesse for the distance. Due to the high speed stability of the Spark, you can give it everything you got with confidence it will perform as desired.

When you really lean into a throw with the Spark you’ll see just how stable it can be at high speeds. We never saw a hint of turn and even if we rolled it a bit ourselves, it would break right back out of it. Don’t hesitate to throw this out on a tricky line that requires it to remain stable and not turn over. It almost performs more stable than you’d expect too. We really saw the Spark shine on a few holes where it required us to hit a tight window while playing the eventual fade at the end of the flight. Each and every time we threw the Spark with a little different release angle we would see expected results. Give it some hyzer and it rides the hyzer. Throw it flat and it will remain flat. Try and give it some anhyzer and it will look at you with a strange face and return back to a flat before heading into a fade. Exactly what a good overstable fairway driver should do.

For as strong as the stability is at high speeds, the end of the flight is a little more muted than you might think. Yes, it will fade. There is no doubt there, but it isn’t too powerful. The Spark will always finish to the left, but it is really more controllable than you might realize. Time and time again we saw the Spark ride on down the fairway and once it begins to lose some power it will begin to fade to the left, but on a much more gradual line than you’d expect. As it slows it will pick up power, but it almost runs out of time to really do anything too dramatic.

We’ve all had throws with a Dynamic Discs Felon, Innova Firebird, Discraft Predator, or something similar that can really finish with a very strong fade. At times, you want that, but when you’re going for an accurate finish, you often want it to just settle down and park itself. The Spark won’t do that. It will finish left, but seems to almost pull off the throttle at the last moment right as it hits the ground. Low shots will produce a small skip, but it won’t flare up on you at all.

inbounds Disc Golf - Latitude 64 SparkOverall, we’d rate the Latitude 64 Spark at 8, 4, 0, 3. It’s a great combination of speed and stability. It isn’t too fast, yet will help you gain some distance and it isn’t too stable, yet will be very trustworthy from start to finish.

The flight chart from inbounds Disc Golf is a great representation of what we saw with the Spark. Stable and strong at high speeds and just enough finish at the end to produce a pleasing flight.

The Latitude 64 Spark is an overstable fairway driver with a surprisingly high amount of control. You can really rely on the stability at high speeds to give you confidence to put the Spark on a line where you need it. The fade will be there, but it won’t be too much. When you combine it with the moderate glide and added speed, you have a winning combination. It’s clear why someone like Dave Feldberg would put his signature on the Spark.


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