Latitude 64 Pro Bag Review


We review many backpacks style bags, but that doesn’t mean backpacks are the only option available to you if you’re looking for a high capacity, feature-rich disc golf bag. One option is the Latitude 64 Pro Bag. The Pro Bag has been around for a while, but was just recently released in a camo design.

  • 2 removable, padded disc dividers to keep things organized
  • 1.5 litre bottle holder
  • Putter pocket for 2 discs
  • Strong metal zippers
  • Umbrella straps
  • Wallet pocket with zipper
  • Well padded strap with anti-slip material
  • Mobile phone pocket
  • Mini marker pocket
  • Pencil holders
  • 2 sidepockets and one front pocket, suitable for towels, clothes etc.
  • The main storage compartment holds up to 20 discs but the bag has a capacity for at least 10 discs more (if you use side pockets for discs)

Latitude 64 sent us a Pro Bag in the Camo design and we’ve had some time with it on the course to see how it performs.

Latitude 64 Pro Bag

When we loaded up our Pro Bag for the first time, we emptied out another backpack we’ve been using and found everything fit easily in the main compartment and we actually room for more discs. We initially had 14 discs in the main compartment which included two putters and two midranges. Two more putters were put in the putter pocket on the side. We easily fit another 3-5 drivers or a few more midranges with ease. If we took out one of the two dividers, that opened up space for yet another disc or two depending on the mold.

The main compartment is a touch deeper than other bags of this style. You won’t have any worry about discs falling out and if you are in a rush if you throw a towel or two in the top it will be safe until the next hole.

There is a cover with a zipper closure for the top that folds all the way to the back of the bag. When zipped closed, you’ll see a velcro strip along the top. When unzipped and folded back this velcro meets another strip waiting for it on the back of the bag. This remained secured the entire time we were using the bag. It’s a nice alternative to rolling up the top flap which is common on bags of any style.

If you need more storage, they very large side compartments can easily be opened up and will provide room for a number of discs. We easily fit six drivers in one side. These could be useful for those utility discs that you like to carry, but can remain in your bag in a separate pocket. The pockets are bigger than you’d think and can hold quite a bit. This is a feature that many backpack style bags lack at times, but the Pro Bag comes through strong with these side storage pockets.

The other main storage pocket is right on the front and has a rounded shape to it. We put a jacket and a load of towels in there and found plenty of space for our gear. This kept wet towels off of our discs and away from other gear we were carrying. Other bags throw the putter pocket on the front, but the Pro Bags takes advantage of the additional storage. Want to put discs in there? Sure, but the top cover of this pocket might make it a little more difficult to get in and out.

Latitude 64 Pro Bag

Latitude 64 Pro Bag

You’ll also see smaller pockets designed for a phone, keys, wallet, etc… Smaller pockets designed for those small items that you don’t want banging around with a bunch of discs.

Speaking of that putter pocket, there is a pocket on the side of the bag attached to the outside of the side pockets. Two putters will fit comfortably and are easy to take in and out. The one draw back was having the straps of the bag fall to that one side. It is a very minor problem, but when you’re wanting to quickly retrieve the putter, you might have to work around the straps a bit. It never was a big issue, but something we noticed.

Latitude 64 Pro Bag

The Pro Bag comes with a single strap by default. Typically, we wouldn’t talk about a single shoulder strap, but the utter size of the strap on the Pro Bag is worth commenting on. The thing is huge. Seriously. It is the widest single strap we’ve seen on a disc golf bag and was actually quite comfortable. If you aren’t loading 30 discs into this bag and need a simple solution, the single shoulder strap is a great option.

Latitude 64 Pro Bag

Latitude 64 also sent us a pair of their Bag Straps and after a quick change, we had them ready to go. It took a little bit to get them sized right as you’re working with four different straps instead of just two, but when we had the bag riding right, it was very comfortable. The straps aren’t the thickest around and have an adequate amount of padding. While the single strap was a solid option, we preferred the full bag straps for our testing.

The Latitude 64 Pro Bag is currently available for $89.99 in three color combinations (camo, blue, red). The Bag Straps can be found for $29.99 in four different colors (camo, blue, red, black).

While the Latitude 64 Pro Bag has been recently released in a camo design, the bag itself has been going strong for many years. They’ve figured out a solid design that has plenty of storage for discs and all the extra gear you’d ever need. There hasn’t been a need to redesign much on the Pro Bag and thankfully, they’ve stuck to their gut and the same solid design that was available in the past is still here today.

With disc capacity of somewhere between 15-30 depending on how much storage you devote to discs means you’re getting a disc with plenty of versatility. Go with the single strap or put on the Bag Straps and you’ll have a bag you can get many rounds out of for years to come.


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  1. Christopher Higgins on

    I carried one of these bags from spring 2013 through the fall of 2014. I had a reoccurring issue with the side pocket zippers failing to zip closed. Latitude 64 customer service was great, and they replaced my bag 4 times over that period. Other than the issue of cheap side pocket zippers, this is a very nice bag. I logged hundreds of rounds during that stretch of time and had no issues with the bag wearing out. I now carry a Grip B15 and sometimes miss the storage capacity of my Pro Bag.

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