Latitude 64 Gauntlet Review


One of the best things in disc golf is the variety of putters available to you. You can name nearly any combination of stability, speed, glide, and overall feel and you’ll find at least something close to what you’re desiring. We’re lucky enough to get the chance to try out nearly every new putter on the market. After reviewing these putters, the majority of them fall into a “yeah, thats a nice putter” category. It does what we expected and provides solid results. Other putters rise to a level of “wow, that’s impressive.” That’s the case for the Latitude 64 Gauntlet.

The Latitude 64 Gauntlet has a familiar feel and comfortable grip with a nice combination of stability and glide. Latitude 64 says this about their latest putter:

Are you searching for a reliable putter with stable flight? Then it is time to challenge the course with the Gauntlet.

It is a high profile putt and approach disc with a beaded rim. A stable flyer with good glide makes it a handy weapon in every bag.  It is similar to the Macana but with less rounded lower rim.

Latitude 64 sent us a Gauntlet for this review and we’ve spent some time with it both inside the circle and out on the course to see how it stacks up.

When we first picked it up, we could feel a little added depth to it, but not to the level of the Latitude 64 Dagger. The Dagger really fills out the hand and feels bigger than it really is. The Gauntlet certainly isn’t shallow and is a shape that most should feel comfortable with. It didn’t take long to find a comfortable grip for both putting and driving. Most of the people in our testing group use Innova Aviars of some sort for their everyday rounds. All of the Aviar users found it easy to transition to the Gauntlet for these tests. You could also say the Gauntlet has a feel of a deeper Dynamic Discs Judge.

Two flight features stood out the most during our tests with the Gauntlet. The first was the glide. Latitude 64 puts the glide rating at a 5, which we think its a touch high, but it isn’t too far off. On drives and approaches we clearly saw the glide kick in. It would get up to speed and have a little extra gear to get moving. It was a welcome feature on drives since we welcomed the disc doing some added work to gain that added distance. When used for approach shots, it took a little getting used to since we didn’t want it to glide out too far for us. It took some small adjustments, but over time we were able to dial it in.

You’ll also notice the high speed stability. We never saw any turn when thrown flat or with hyzer. It will hold the initial line you put it on regardless of how much power you put behind it. This translated to a lot of confidence off the tee since we didn’t have to fear of having it turn on us. Even on approach shots, you won’t have to worry about it doing anything too crazy. Start it on the line you want it on and let the disc do the work.

With the high speed stability certainly there, the end of the flight is relatively mellow. We saw a hint of fade at the end of the flight, but it never did anything too dramatic. It would finish to the left of center for us, but not by much. Because of this, with when combined with the above average glide, you actually have quite a bit of control. If it had more fade, then you have the two factors of fade and glide that could take the disc further left or further forward than you would expect. Yes, it could still glide a little further than expected, but you don’t have to account for a big fade.

Inside the circle the Gauntlet prefers something straight at the chains. The fade isn’t strong enough to allow it to really dump into the chains. You have to go for the heart of the chains yourself. Also, with the the glide, it won’t drop in too quickly either. Sure, it will naturally drop a bit, but don’t expect a lot of sudden movement.

inbounds Disc Golf - Latitude 64 GauntletOverall, we’d rate the Latitude 64 Gauntlet at 2, 4, 0, 0.5. This varies slightly from Latitude 64’s ratings of 2, 5, 0, 1. The glide is certainly there and you can expect a nice combo of high and low speed stability.

The flight chart inbounds Disc Golf shows a flight very similar to what we experienced. A flight with high speed stability and a little added distance thanks to the glide.

The Latitude 64 Gauntlet looks to fit into that “everyday putter” category. It isn’t a utility style disc and it isn’t dramatically over or understable. It is one you can reach for time and time again. The overall feel is one that fits into a sweetspot and the flight is hard to dislike. It shouldn’t matter your putting style, the Gauntlet should be pleasing for virtually everyone.

As the weather warms up and the disc golf season gets underway, if you’ve been thinking of a new putter, the Latitude 64 Gauntlet could be what you’re looking for.



  1. Josh White on

    I have a few Latitude 64 discs, but I’ve never tried any of their putters. I would love to run the gauntlet!

  2. Derek brewster on

    Well I don’t have a comment on a warrant… (Typo)

    But I was looking for a new high glide putter and I don’t have any Lat 64 discs (just a Lux E2 bag) so it be a good way to try out a new brand. So I would like to win a gauntlet.

  3. Roger Vartabedian on

    The Gauntlet is going to be a contender for Disc of the Year 2016. I would love to get my hands on one of these as I hear nothing but the best being said.

  4. Did you guys do a copy and paste error on the contest details? This giveaway is for a Gauntlet and not a Warrant, right?

    Anyways, I would love to try the Gauntlet because I know I’ll be in the market for a new putter come spring time and would love a straight shooter with a good glide.

  5. You tested the Gaunlet but (my guess) is you copy/pasted an old contest form with the Warrent bc you said Warrent! Now I’m all confused. My confusion Warrents a new Gauntlet!!!!

    …..and a Warrent. I will take both and then throw them. I will use them in a tournament coming up I plan to win. I will take pictures.

    That is all.

  6. “Leave a comment using the form below saying why you want to try the Warrant”

    I don’t, but I do wanna try the Gauntlet! 😉

  7. Joel M. Leonard on

    I don’t want to try the Warrant, I want to try the Gauntlet! I love a laser straight putter inside the circle.

  8. I’d love to try out the new Latitude 64 Gauntlet. Right now I’m trying to find my perfect putter and I’m stuck between various Aviar molds and this sounds like it could be a winner!

  9. Michael Wilson on

    I’m just starting to get into triology discs, and I’m always looking for a new putter to elevate my game.

  10. Andy Klinger on

    I would like to win a Gauntlet. I think it will be similar in flight to my Wizard, which is my go to off the tee putter, but with a smaller, more comfortable profile.

  11. One of these days I’ll actually win something. The review of this putter makes it sound like exactly what I’m looking for.

  12. My current putter is no longer being made. On the hunt for a new putter so would love to try the Gauntlet.

  13. Jared Terry on

    Wow, what a great review. I’ve totally been stuck lately in that category of “its a nice putter” and would love to experience something that would “Wow” me!! I also love to drive off the tee with putters and the glide factor with minimal fade sounds like a perfect recipe to something I would love!

  14. I would love to try out the Gauntlet. Im looking for the right high glide, straight flying putter to compliment my Rhino and Pig.

  15. Great review! I currently throw an Aviar and Aviar Driver. I’d like to try something new and it sounds like the Gauntlet would be a great transition from the Aviar! Cheers!

  16. Will Smith on

    I want a guantlet because I would like to try more putters from different companies. I currently use the Yeti Pro Aviar, but i want to try and find something with the depth and flat top of the dagger, with the straightness and speed of a Yeti Pro.
    Thanks for all of the reviews, giveaways, and Tips, ATDG!

  17. Martin Muller on

    Sounds like a winner. Always interesting when your reviewers have different ratings then the company itself. Agree with others, will see a bunch of these on the course this year.

  18. Scott Terry on

    Sound like this could be a great putter to try for drives! Hope to get the chance to try one.

  19. I’ve been looking to try some new putters recently and I am intrigued by the glide and stability of the Gauntlet. I also typically carry Innovas, so I’m looking forward to trying out some new brands!

  20. I would love to give this putter a try. I have never tried a latitude putter but I like a lot of their other releases. This particular putter seems to be getting great reviews everywhere. Thanks for all your work on this site guys!

  21. Justin Marshall on

    I’d like to use it to teach my son how to putt, by the sounds of it its a great disc, and I would love to own it!

  22. Justin Chae on

    I’ve been looking to try out some new putters and I’m intrigued by the high glide of the Gauntlet. Would love to be able to try one out!

  23. Picked up disc golf last summer. The Gauntlet would be a great addition to help me find out what suits my game best!

  24. Thinking of moving to a more “modern” putter, as it’s getting hard, and expensive, to find my trusted Pro and Champion Birdies these days.

  25. Kimmo Puustinen on

    I’m always interested in new driving/throwing putters – a Gauntlet would fit the bill perfectly.

  26. I putt with Daggers and Macanas, curious how this one measures up in Lat64’s beaded lineup. Sounds Wizardish but no Wizard comparison

  27. Since I lost my Macana my only putters are either way overstable or understable, so a nice stable putter like the Gauntlet would be great to have.

  28. Brendon K on

    Thanks for yet another excellent review. I’ve been hoping to find something like the Dagger that’s slightly less overstable and a bit more shallow. This might be it and I’d like to give this disc a try. That one in the photo is the right color too!

  29. Trevor Hofman on

    Sure would be looking to try this as I still haven’t found a putter that I have confidence with.

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