Latitude 64 Culverin Review


There are some disc golf discs that are designed for beginners or those with an average skill level. Other discs are designed for the professional level. In between, you’ll find a set of discs that can be useful to disc golfers of any skill level. These often bring a little added speed to help with distance, a little stability to handle power, but enough control to appeal to a wide audience. That is the case with the Latitude 64 Culverin.

Described as an “overstable control driver,” the Culverin quickly appealed to various skill levels during our tests. Latitude 64 says this about their new driver:

Have a blast with this overstable control driver. For the advanced player, the first part of the flight will be straight and it will finish with a dependable fade. Culverin will be the perfect choice for long s-curves when you want to finish with a strong fade.

Latitude 64 sent us the Culverin for this review and we’ve had some time with it in various conditions to see how it stacks up.

The Culverin certainly is a little faster than a fairway driver, but it doesn’t quite reach that wide-rimmed high-speed driver level. This helps with the broad appeal.

Typically, we don’t talk about disc speed ratings right away, but it is worth it here. Latitude 64 gives the Culverin a speed rating of 9 and we’d have to agree with this. We find the Speed 9-10 range the sweet spot for most who are looking for a distance driver they can handle. Anything faster and you’ll need a little more arm speed and you could be sacrificing control.

We could easily get the Culverin up to speed which is a big factor in any disc you throw. It needs to be at this max speed in order to gain the optimal flight. Slower arm speeds could still get it up to a level where you’d see a desired flight and faster arms found a disc that had enough stability to handle the power behind it.

As the Culverin moved down the fairway, we also noticed a nice combination of high and low speed stability. At the start of the flight, you can really trust the Culverin. Average arms saw virtually no turn, while the strongest arms saw just a hair of movement. This soon became a disc that you can reach for and just rip down the fairway. You don’t have to give it room to shape a flight. If it has the space, throw it with confidence and it can hold up to whatever you give it.

In order to have complete trust in a disc like the Culverin, you also need to have a reliable fade. The Culverin will finish left with a little bit of force and can actually help carry some distance due to some nice glide. The glide helps it hang in the air a little longer than normal and allows the fade to finish completely. It won’t knife in too hard, but it does have a relatively strong finish to it.

Hyzer shots are right in the wheelhouse of the Culverin due to the stability combination. When thrown with a little anhyzer, we’d see it flex out over the course of the flight before fading out. Big turnover shots likely won’t be your first choice with the Culverin, but anything that you need to fly straight with a little finish to the left can easily be done.

From feel to flight and everything in between, something felt familiar during our tests. Throughout our entire testing we knew the disc that was most like the Culverin. This is as close as we’ve seen to the popular Discmania PD. Other discs are close, but this is the closest we’ve seen to a PD clone. The overall feel of the Culverin is very similar to the PD, but does have a different style flight plate. Everything else will feel very familiar.

The PD is one of those discs that people often find “other versions of.” This also includes the Innova Teebird, Discraft Buzzz, etc…. These are popular discs from other companies and those who love Latitude 64 would love to find their own version of the PD. The Culverin checks that box.

Overall, we’d rate the Latitude 64 Culverin at 9, 5, 0, 3. Stronger arms might see something along the lines of 9, 5, -0.5, 2.5, but don’t expect a lot of turn.

inbounds Disc Golf - Latitude 64 CulverinThe flight chart from inbounds Disc Golf shows a flight close to what we saw on the course with the Culverin. A nice straight flight to lead things off before a moderate-to-strong fade at the end.

You can put some trust in the Culverin. This can easily be a disc you reach for again and again when you’re looking for some added distance, but still want the control.

If you find very high speed drivers to be too much and want you still have a driver in your bag, the Culverin could do the trick. Slower arms will welcome the smaller rim while stronger arms can rely on the high speed stability to handle the power they can put behind it.



  1. I’m kind of a noodle arm and in tournaments or even regular play I have problems throwing in windy situations. I feel that this disc isn’t completely over stable but will hold up against wind (for my arm). Seems like a great disc and excited to throw one!

    • Jordan g on

      I would like a culverin because it sounds like a great alternative to a leapard with a little more speed and glide. Also it sounds likr a great disc to try out the latitude 64 brand.

  2. Mike Hatfield on

    I’d like to have this disc just because I can never have enough. I love trying new discs.

  3. Ronald Whitney on

    As a disk golfer who has on a year and half and is still looking for the “right”disk.I think I could benefit from this disk.

  4. ryan clibon on

    After playing 7 years, my arm speed and throwing technique have finally reached a place where I could use some overstable drivers. This looks like a perfect place to start, with a Culverin!

  5. Thanks for the review and info. The entire time I was reading it I was thinking this sounds like a Firebird. I’m slowly working up the arm speed to be able to handle something like this. It would be a great addition to my bag.

  6. Sean Powell on

    Love overstable control disc. This one sounds great and I am positive that it would get used regularly if I had one.

  7. Hedinn Arnason on

    Im a big fan of trilogy discs and recently got my hands on a Felon and I realy like that disc. I would like to give the Culverin a try because I would like something that feels perhaps similar but still less overstable.

  8. Brian Marchand on

    I want a culverin to see if it’s as good as a thunderbird. I love my t birds but if it’s better if give it a shot.

  9. I have been playing for about 10 years and have thrown 95% forehand, but this year I am trying to commit to improving my backhand. I have also committed to an almost all Trilogy bag. This disc could be a great crossover disc for me to throw both FH and BH. I lower speed driver that I could handle. Love the reviews that you all do at ATDG. Thanks.

  10. Mike DeBow on

    I haven’t thrown any Lat 64 discs yet, and this looks like the perfect disc that will fill a hole in my bag. It’s also pretty great because it’s not too fast for me. A 9 speed is just right.

  11. I’ve been trying to branch out more from my reliance on Innova – the ratings look similar to my favourite overhand disc, so I’d love to know if I have an option with another distributor to fill this spot in my bag!

  12. Will Smith on

    I want to try the Culverin because I want to experiment with different brands including Latitude 64. This disc also sounds like my favorite disc, the Thunderbird, so I would definitely love to try this disc. Thanks All Things Disc Golf for all the reviews and articles that you provide!

  13. Ryan Duclos on

    I love all the Trilogy lines, and cant afford buying all the new molds every time they release something to see if it will make my bag!

  14. This disc looks awesome! Straight flight with a big fade for my average arm would be great!

  15. Looks like a fun disc! I would love to let it try to find a place in my bag. Thanks :)

  16. Eric bocich on

    9 sounds like the right speed for me. Been wanting to try some lat 64s for a while.

  17. Patrick Jones on

    This disc is exactly what I’m looking for, needed it for a tournament that’s coming up. Great review. I’m very intrigue to go out and get one to try.

  18. I would love to try it out. The fastest disc I usually throw is a 9 or 10 because the increased accuracy makes up for the very slight decrease in distance.

  19. Rodney Hany on

    I would love to try the Culverin as an over stable compliment to my Saint. Sounds like it would fit right in. Thanks for another great review.

  20. Have been looking to try an overstable. Currently my driver is a stable driver and I am looking to advance my game. I think this would be a great option.

  21. I’d love to try this disc, the review sounds awesome, I don’t have great speed but I am trying to improve. Based on the review, this disc seems to have the ability to offer something to everyone.

  22. I’d like to try throwing this new disc because I’ve been looking for a disc with just a bit more glide, and more stability than my aging DX Teebird. This sounds like a great fit!

  23. Steve mac on

    Would love to see how this disc performs for me. Would like to see a lat 64 disc in my bag

  24. Culver in sounds like just the disc to help the slump, get over that hump even on days that are not Wednesday;>}. Various mixed bag, would like to try to add disc to game.. thanks, hit chains ..☮

  25. This sounds perfect for a friend of mine. The 9 speed is the one section of his bag not covered. If I win, I’ll give it to him.

  26. Shane Tomsha on

    Sounds like a great compliment to the DD Felon. The Felon is my favorite disc and I would like to try a disc with same flight but softer fade.

  27. Matt Lambert on

    This seems like a great disc. I have been wanting to try Lat 64 out for a while now. Also been wanting an over stable control driver to fill an empty spot in my bag. Id love to try a Culverin as it seems a perfect fit for what I need.

  28. Bjarni Hjartarson on

    Sounds like a disc that would fit right into my bag, I would love to try it out

  29. I would love to take this baby for a spin! The flight numbers kind of remind me of a riot, with a little less fade! Should be a great disc!

  30. Christopher Miller on

    I want this disc! I have always trusted my thunderbird to make the shots described above and it sounds like the Culver in would be even better. There are a lot of new throwers in my area and I am sure many of us could benefit from this disc. Pick me

  31. Christopher Miller on

    I want this disc! I have always trusted my thunderbird to make the shots described above and it sounds like the Culver in would be even better. There are a lot of new throwers in my area and I am sure many of us could benefit from this disc.