La Mirada Open Voices: Round Three


Paul McBeth

Overall: -23
Round Three: -6
Position: 1

“I let a few shots go early. My putt was really bad today. I had an airball from about 20 feet. I was driving well though and throwing my upshots well. I knew I needed to keep giving myself opportunities and sooner or later I’d start making them. I was never worried about the competition today. My sole focus was my game.”

“I was focused on myself. I knew they would be pushing. The spot where I usually struggle is when I have a few stroke lead. I kind of let others back in it, but I remained focused on myself. I feel really strong on this course and I still had a pretty decent score today.”

“This has been a great experience. From all the media before the tournament, the showcase card for Round One was fun. I never get to play with Catrina Allen, except for some finals from time to time. Karl Johan Nybo and Andreas Gertsch rounded out a great card. Day after day the crowds got bigger and even in the rain yesterday the fans were here. I’m excited to see the Disc Golf World Tour grow on future stops. I can only see it getting bigger.”

Bobby Musick

Overall: -17
Round Three: -8
Position: T-2

“I caught fire. I came out swinging and by the time I got through 10 I found out I was on Paul’s heels. I got a few more birdies, but had a few missed putts toward the end and just couldn’t catch him.”

“I’ve been playing since the 90s and I’ve seen it grow over time into what this is today and… This is the center of where it all started. This is where I got my career started. It’s been great seeing all the development and all the world class players coming to have a great time.

While I’m playing, I didn’t see the crowds, I was too focused. I look around now and see all these people coming out to watch us and this is proof we’re doing the right thing. We have a young generation coming up and that only pushes me to be even better.

Will Schusterick

Overall: -15
Round Three: -7
Position: T-5

“I actually felt great on both the front and back nine. While I didn’t score as well on the final nine holes I had some great shots to save par. I went bogey free during the round which was the goal. I gave myself a chance and that is all I can really ask for.”

Nate Doss

Overall: -15
Round Three: -9
Position: T-5

“I didn’t do anything different today. This was the one round where I had no penalties and no bogies. I didn’t do anything different than in earlier rounds, but the course was with me on this one.“

Ricky Wysocki

Overall: -17
Round Three: -6
Position: T-2

“I had a lot of opportunities to catch Paul. I missed a few chances, but I was in position. With four more World Tour events, I like my chances. My confidence is high and I’ll learn from this and move forward.”

“Jussi Meresmaa and his staff did a great job and I didn’t live up to my full potential. This was a great event though. You can always do better if you don’t win, but this is a great first step.”

Karl Johan Nybo

Overall: -13
Round Three: -2
Position: T-7

“Started off rough. Worked through it on the next few holes and forgot about it. Just one of those days.”

“I’m amazed at this event. I knew it could be like this. It has been what many have been thinking about for a while. Really enjoyed my time here and the weather. Tough to enjoy it today, but I tried hard. I’m still happy.”

Catrina Allen

Overall: +4
Round Three: -2
Position: T-45

“I love the course. I love where you have to throw two good shots on some holes. I enjoy the man made OB since it takes out the luck. Overall, a great weekend. I appreciate Jussi highlighting me and putting me on the feature card and the interview. It means a lot to be here. I’m hoping Jussi wants to hold a spot for me at the USDGC.”

Simon Lizotte

Overall: -13
Round Three: -1
Position: T-7

“Good weather, fun card, good gallery. Putting didn’t work for me today. Felt like I missed 18 putts. I felt better than I did in pervious rounds but fluffed the putts to the left. Leaving room for improvement.”

“The DGWT stops in Europe will be on beautiful course and I can’t wait for those. This was eye opening for many of the players to see what disc golf can offer.”

Dana Vicich

Overall: -11
Round Three: -2
Position: T-12

“Feels good to be over. I grinded out there. My score wasn’t that great today, but I was able to put the disc inside the circle time and time again, but couldn’t make the putt.”

“I feel comfortable with my discs. First tournament playing for Discmania. Just need to build confidence in my putt.”


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