Ken Climo plays Pinehurst


Pinehurst is one of the most storied golf courses in the United States. Pinehurst is also the host of the 2014 US Open. Recently, Pinehurst played host to Ken Climo and filmed the “Champ” showing off some disc golf skills on the famed ball golf course.

In the video, Climo launches a drive that lands right in the middle of the fairway. For a moment, he looked as if he was going his best Tiger Woods impression. After Woods hits a drive that he likes as it leaves the tee, he’ll just start walking down the fairway. After Climo let the drive go, he turned around knowing it would be exactly where he expected it to land.

Later, Climo nearly lands on the green of a 170 yard Par 3 hole. Add in a little ball golf commentary from Climo and you have quite the video.

In the end, its a great showcase for disc golf on a very well known ball golf course.


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