Jenkins, McBeth explain signature Innova Destroyer transition


Earlier this fall disc golfers learned about the new Paul McBeth signature Innova Destroyer. The popular distance driver had been the signature disc for 2009 World Champion Avery Jenkins ever since he won his title, but plans were in place to transition the signature series Destroyer to the four-time World Champion.

In a post on Innova’s website titled “Passing the torch,” Jenkins and McBeth talk about this transition and how it was really a collaborative effort. McBeth stated he has carried the Destroyer in his bag for years and typically has 5-7 in his bag at any time. This year though, they’ll include his signature on the top.

After talks began in last summer, McBeth says he was looking forward to the change, “I only dreamed of having the Destroyer as my signature disc until after I won my third World Championship title. I had heard that Avery might start taking more of an Ambassador role in disc golf. When I heard there was a chance, I immediately began to do everything in my power to prove I had what it takes. If claiming a fourth title was what I needed to seal the deal, I was not going to let anything keep me from accomplishing that.”

Jenkins believes the time was right to make the move, “He (McBeth) personally asked me about the possibility of working something out for signature rights to the disc. From my stance, I truly couldn’t think of another player that I would rather have representing the Star Destroyer. Paul is an incredible individual and a constant, worldwide ambassador for our sport.”

The post also hits on Jenkins’ future within the sport which will include a new signature series Star Teebird. While Jenkins has had a limited run within the Tour Series program, this will now be in full production and found in disc golf retailers everywhere.

“I am honored to have the Star TeeBird as my new Signature Series disc, as it’s a model that I have been personally throwing for over a decade. I really look forward to seeing new players come to appreciate the need for accuracy over distance, which is crucial to scoring success,” Jenkins stated online.

Along with the signature Teebird, Jenkins has previously announced his plans to be the commentator on the Disc Golf World Tour. As Jenkins moves into this ambassador type role and McBeth is showing no signs of slowing down on the course, this move has benefits for everyone involved.

While it is possible to find Paul McBeth signature series Destroyers today, Innova states both signature discs should be available for retailers this spring.

Source: Innova Discs


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