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When SpinTV launched earlier this month, it was the end of a lot of hard work and the start of even more. All the preparation to get SpinTV off the ground were complete. Disc golfers swarmed the site on launch day and caused server problems for a little while. As someone who runs a website, that is a great problem to have. Since launch, even more effort has been put in in order to bring more disc golf videos to the masses.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen a showcase on 2012 World Champion Paul McBeth, a look in the bags of Avery and Valarie Jenkins, meeting Dave Dunipace, tournament coverage, and more.

We talked with the man leading the charge for SpinTV, Discmania CEO Jussi Meresmaa to learn how SpinTV started and what they have planned.

All Things Disc Golf: When did the idea for SpinTV first come to life?

Jussi Meresmaa: For a long time we had felt that Disc Golf as Sport was missing a premium outlet for Disc Golf -centric videos, features and so forth. It’s hard to say when the idea surfaced at first, it’s a product of long period of planning and trying to find the best way to build a platform around what we wanted to show to the public.

All Things Disc Golf: From the moment the idea started to the day of launch, what have you learned the most?

Jussi Meresmaa: Every project we do is an important learning experience. With the SpinTV launch we definitely learned that there was A LOT of disc golfers all hyped up about this cool new site we were about to to open. When it was time to go live with the site we realized that our server was not ready to take the traffic generated by countless disc golfers hitting F5. The site was down for about 3 hours until we got it back to work. Next we will be more prepared :)

All Things Disc Golf: Where did the name SpinTV come from?

Jussi Meresmaa: Spin is essential to this sport. Spin also reflects news and media. And the best part of Spin is that it’s a constant movement, like Disc Golf itself. We wanted to build a video platform that would look credible, no matter which sport you compare it with. One essential part about this is that the site is fresh with new stuff. We keep things spinning :)

All Things Disc Golf: You are planning on a “weekly dose of disc golf goodness” on the site. How hard, or easy, has it been to get enough content to keep the goodness coming week after week?

Jussi Meresmaa: It is not easy, but with good planning and hard work it is possible. With the production quality we put out, it is also definitely a matter of budget. The good part is that since not too many has tried to do what we do, this sport still has countless stories, awaiting to be told. We have a lot of great stuff still in the pipeline, so be sure to check back!

All Things Disc Golf: Who is helping put the videos together? The production quality is top notch.

Jussi Meresmaa: We have a pretty dynamic team working around the SpinTV, but pretty much all of the shooting and editing is done by Esa Arokki who is Discmania’s main video guy. Esa also produced the very popular Discmania Deep in the Game series last summer. Apart from Esa, we also have some featured producers capturing tournament action. We are also on the lookout for more featured producers that could fit our high standards of production. More info about this and our producers can be found here:

All Things Disc Golf: Let’s talk about the “Ask Us” section of the site. How often will fans get answers to their questions? What do you expect the staff to cover?

Jussi Meresmaa: We naturally post answers to our fan questions as often as possible. Especially for Paul & Avery it’s not necessarily given that they are around a desktop to answer the questions every week since they are touring professionals. So far many of the questions have been about technique tips and equipment.

All Things Disc Golf: Will people be able to submit videos to SpinTV or will all the videos released be produced by you and your team?

Jussi Meresmaa: We are running a weekly series coined “The SpinTV Pick of the Week” where we highlight sweet Disc Golf videos by non-SpinTV producers. Other than that our videos are always made by our staff or by our featured producers.

Thanks to Jussi for taking a few moments from his very busy schedule to talk to us about SpinTV.

In case you missed it, here is a look at what is in Valarie Jenkins’ bag:

SpinTV can be found on FacebookTwitterYouTube and Google+. Be sure to check out them out today.


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