Innova Mystere Review


Being able to throw for distance and still have accuracy is a theme we talk about often in our reviews. It can be a tough combination to find and slight adjustments in the width of the rim or overall style of the disc can cause big changes in the flight and thus the overall control. The new Innova Mystere has made its debut as part of the Innova Players Pack Sponsorship program and brings a decent amount of speed and quite a bit of control with it.

Innova says this about their new distance driver:

The Mystere is the newest Speed 11 Distance Driver from Innova. Similar to an Archon with an extra glide gear, this friendly flyer promises long turns and smooth fade. The Champion Mystere is being offered exclusively through Innova’s Player’s Package Sponsorship Program. Flight Numbers: 11,6,-2,2.

Innova sent us a Mystere in their Champion plastic to review and we’ve put it through our typical process to see how it stacks up.

The Mystere has a relatively shallow feel to it, but leaves enough room for a confident grip. Some drivers in this Speed 11-12 range often have a very shallow depth to the rim and it can be hard to use a power grip and still provide a strong throw. We never had issues with the grip or release of the Mystere. No matter the release angle we always had a clean release with the Mystere.

The feature of the Mystere that stood out the most was the control. You’ll see some turn with the Mystere and it does have some fade at the end of the flight, but you can easily provide some influence to either end of the flight to help put the Mystere where you want it.

Starting with a flat release on a straight-ahead throw, the Mystere will carry out a full flight without many surprises. We consistently were able to produce a steady turn when thrown flat. It didn’t take a lot to get it moving and the turn itself isn’t that dramatic, but it is smooth. The turn began fairly early in the flight and held that angle as it coasted down the fairway.

The fade at the end of these straight-ahead throws came relatively late in the flight… even a little later than we expected. The overall glide of the disc helps carry it forward and the fade was strong enough to bring it out of the turn before holding it forward until just dumping out at the end. It will return to the left, but don’t expect anything too hard. Again, on a flat release, you’ll end up with a flight that shows a natural s-curve before finishing right on center. It won’t turn too much and it won’t fade that hard either.

The shots that surprised us the most were the anhyzer shots we were able to produce with the Mystere. We wanted to send the Mystere on a line that would finish to the right of our center line. We took our initial aim to the left of the fairway and released the Mystere with just a hint of anhyzer. It didn’t take much to produce this big turnover shot. You’ll want to play around with the angles to see what works best for you, but a little went a long way for us (no pun intended).

On these turnover shots the Mystere would hold that initial release angle and glide down the fairway. It didn’t want to turn to a greater degree and it wasn’t fighting to break out of it either. Once it reached about 75-80% of its flight we would see it begin to flatten out, but it remained on the left to right path. It never wanted to completely fade out and head back to the left. It would glide on out and settle down on a very forward fade. You’ll see tons of control on these turnover shots. Give the Mystere a little encouragement and let it do the work.

One shot that stood out to us was on a slightly downhill drive with the wind coming from over our left shoulder on a slight left to right path across the fairway. We wanted the Mystere to ride this wind and since we didn’t want to have it naturally turn too much and finish too far to the right due to the very minimal fade, we gave it a big anhyzer shot that started out on a line further to the left than we expected.

With some added height under it, the Mystere held that initial anhyzer release angle and we could see the wind get under it as it started down the fairway. It pushed forward quite hard with the added energy behind it and finished with virtually no fade as it returned to the fairway. Being able to control drivers like this with minimal fade can be a very powerful weapon when used correctly.

We have to note that the one shot where the Mystere didn’t quite perform its best was on big hyzer shots. You can hit some nice hyzer flips, but the big sweeping hyzer just isn’t there. We threw the Mystere on a few big hyzer shots and it would flip up quickly to a flatter angle before finishing with a pretty calm fade at the end. These are the shots where you want the disc to hold that initial angle and then come in strong. The Mystere’s fade just isn’t strong enough to really execute these shots. With everything else it can do though, we know we have other options in our bag that can pull of that shot.

Overall, we’d rate the Innova Mystere at 11, 5.5, -2.5, 1.75. These are slightly different than the 11, 6, -2, 2 ratings that Innova provides. Slower arms will likely see a little less turn and slightly more fade, but in our tests, we saw just a hair more turn than the -2 rating. There is an element of fade to it, but it won’t be too dramatic.

From deadly accurate straight throws to very productive anhyzer shots, you’ll get a lot of control with the Innova Mystere. It does compare to an Archon or Tern, but seemed a little easier to throw. It had a little more turn than both and a hair less fade than the Tern. It sits right in between them and is a very easy disc to throw.

The Innova Mystere could pop up in the players pack of an upcoming event in your area. Talk to your local tournament directors to see when you can get your hands on this new driver from Innova Discs. If you are planning on running a tournament and have an interest in the Innova Players Pack Sponsorship, reach out to your Innova representative or email for more information.



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