Innova Colt Review


Learning how to control a single disc from drives to approaches to putts, can really help you develop as a disc golfer. Knowing what a disc does when thrown at full power and when you take some off of your arm speed and stick to the approach type shot can be a useful tool in your bag. While this can obviously be applied to any disc in your bag, knowing a disc can show nearly the same flight characteristics regardless of the type of shot you are going for is even better. That is the case when it comes to the new Innova Colt.

This low profile putter has a very straight flight that gives you massive amounts of control. Innova describes their new putter:

The Colt is a low profile small diameter putt and approach disc similar to our XD or Classic Roc. It is a fairly straight flyer, that can also perform well for slow turnover shots that don’t come crashing back. The Colt is a VTech design, which provides extra torque resistance making it suitable for sidearm and windy play.

Innova sent us a Colt in XT plastic for this review, which according to Innova, has a little less glide than the DX Colt. We have not had a chance to throw the DX Colt and this review will only reflect the XT version. We should also note these have a small “Prototype” stamp on them as well. This suggests future runs might be slightly retooled.

The Colt is certainly on the “low profile” side of things. It feels smaller than it really is, especially when you are used to more standard size or deep putters. You will likely never power grip the Colt as you just don’t have a lot of room to do it. A fan grip or fork grip on the other hand will feel right at home. Your fingers will actually be able to cover quite a bit of the flight plate due to how shallow it is. This obviously translates to a lot of control, especially on approach shots. You will instantly feel at home with the Colt and it’s grip.

There is a bead on the bottom of the disc, but for us, we rarely noticed it. With the low profile and round nose of the Colt, the bead really doesn’t come into play that much. You can tell that it is there, but it snot like some other beaded putters.

Our Colt had a slight dome to it which likely made it fly a little more stable than we’d initially expect. Even then though, the Colt is certainly not overstable and is quite the straight flier. Starting from the tee, we were really able to power into the Colt. We were able to produce some slight turn on nearly every shot, but it never wanted to be too dramatic. If there was some turn, it would always break out of it at the end. More times than not, it was a very tight s-curve type flight. It is another one of those discs where you can let the disc do the work. With that said, you can also give it some encouragement and you can open up many different types of flights.

Still on the tee, you could turn it over a little more for you and give it a little added height and you’ll get a very slow turnover shot. It won’t turn too fast and it won’t really fade back out on you, but it will ride that angle, flatten back out and finish ton that same left to right path. You could also give it some hyzer and let it slowly ride that angle too. You aren’t going to see big sweeping hyzer shots at full power since it is a understable, but it will flip up a little bit before a very soft fade.

On approach shots, we took a little power off of the Colt and still saw very similar flights. Obviously there might not be as much turn, but the fade never gained too much power. We gave it quite a bit of hyzer on some approach shots and due to the slower speed it was able to cut in at the very end and ride a little arc. Approach anhyzer shots were equally as strong as the drives too. The overall flight is very straight though. More times than not, just go right at the basket and let the Colt coast right on in.

Inside the circle, the Colt is another one of those putters where you won’t get anything too dramatic out of it. A simple fan grip and a strong putt at the center of the basket will do the trick. It won’t fade too much and it certainly won’t turn when thrown from 30-40 feet or closer. Just go right at it and trust it will stick. This one is kind of on you, the putter, than the disc. The low profile will be key too. Don’t give it too much hyzer and you’ll snake right through the chains. Keep it on the flatter end of things and you’ll be fine.

Innova rates the Colt at 3, 3, -1, 1 in XT plastic (3, 4, -1, 1 in DX). We’d rate the XT Colt at 3, 3, -0.75, 1.25. It is a slight difference, but we usually saw just a little more fade than turn. The turn was always there, but it was slim at times.

The Innova Colt can be that disc in your bag that you reach for when you need to throw a shot with confidence. You might be worried about the next shot fading too much, or not turning enough. You’ll have plenty of control with the Colt and you know it won’t glide out on you too much. It really puts the end result literally and figuratively. Pull the Colt from the holster and throw with confidence.



  1. Sean powell on

    I am loving understable putters right now and would not mind adding the colt to the bag.

  2. Kevin Cook on

    This is an awesome review and it would be awesome to win one to throw. I’m sure it’s another great disc from innova

  3. Larry Smith on

    Thanks for the review. This might just be the next addition to my bag, fingers crossed.

  4. Rodney Hany on

    Great review. The Colt is great for approach shots and putting. I could use another.

  5. Bradford on

    I just became aware of your site and I’m loving the reviews. The COLT sounds like a great weapon for my bag. Keep up the great work. Thanks!

  6. I picked up a 165 dx colt last week at a local shop. I have been looking for a low profile putter for a for a while and the colt has been perfect. My puts have been more consistent and I’ve been hitting more long puts than with any of my old putters. I would highly suggest picking up a colt!

  7. Brandon ochoa on

    Newer player here, Would love to add this to my growing collection of discs

  8. I always enjoy your reviews. This sounds like a disc that can grow up with any player.

  9. Glad to see Innova releasing a new disc. Great review! Look forward to trying one out soon.

  10. Mike Mahoney on

    Another good review. I am new to disc golf and can use all the education I can get. The reviews on your site really help me understand how discs react to different situations. The Colt sounds like a good disc for a newbie like me.
    Thanks for the review.

  11. Thanks for the review. I have a DX Colt. and the 3,4,-1,1 numbers are pretty accurate for it. This disc is a laser for upshots to the basket. It immediately became my “go to” for approach shots. I have hit the chains or basket more often with this disc from over 50 feet out than with any other disc. Easy to throw (I can get a nice four-finger grip on the shallow rim), and have confidence that it’ll get the job done. I commend it to relatively new players, as well.

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