HyzerBomb MOAB Review


The Mother of All Bombs (MOAB). It’s quite the name to give to a disc, but for HyzerBomb, it’s more than a name… It’s bringing back an old favorite and giving it a second life. The HyzerBomb MOAB is based on the Milennium Golf Discs Tachyon. More specifically it is a retooled 4.1 Tychon. The MOAB also takes some queues on both feel and flight from the Innova Viper.

HyzerBomb says this about their overstable fairway driver:

The MOAB is a 6 speed, large diameter fairway driver, which is massively overstable. The MOAB will fight through head winds like a champion, resisting turn for even the most powerful players. The MOAB is suitable for both sidearm and backhand players and is a disc you can always trust to fade hard.

HyzerBomb gave us a stack of these MOABs to review and we’ve put them through many tests to see how this stacks up against other overstable fairway drivers.

The first thing to point out is that the MOAB is a fairway driver and not a midrange. The rim isn’t that wide, but it does move beyond a midrange into that next level of discs and does sit as more of a transitional disc. In fact, the rim measures at 1.8 cm, which is just a hair wider than the Innova Teebird (1.7 cm).

You would reach for the MOAB on some holes where you would reach for a midrnage just for the added control, but if you need a little more distance at the same time, it can do the trick if thrown correctly. The overstable flight is what hinders the overall distance, but also adds some features to the flight.

The wide diameter makes the disc feel bigger than it really is too. It has a very blunt nose that feels bigger than it already is and with a very moderate dome (we wouldn’t call it domey), the feel will be quite natural for you. We used more of a modified fan grip, but you could use a power grip if you wanted and still get solid results. There In just a few throws we figured out how you can control quite a bit with this disc.

Beyond the feel, the first thing you’ll notice with the flight is the high speed stability. HyzerBomb gives it a +1 rating and that carries true throughout the flight. You can rip on the MOAB as hard as you can and turn just won’t happen. It doesn’t want to go right and it won’t go right when thrown backhand by a right handed golfer. Now, this also means you can really go for some distance and lean into the MOAB quite a bit. It won’t carry too far, but you won’t have to worry about overpowering a disc like this.

We also gave it some shots where we forced it into a small turnover or a small flex shot off the tee. We weren’t going for a big anhyzer, but we released it at that angle to see how quickly it would break out of it. About 60-80 feet off the fairway we’d see the MOAB break out of that anhyzer angle and flex back to flat quickly. There would be a small period of time when it would continue to push forward instead of going straight into a fade.

Once we saw this flight pattern we took the MOAB to a few holes with a slight downhill layout. The shots called for a finish to the left, but we often see midranges fade out too early or a fairway driver fade out too late and carry past the basket. We threw the MOAB on a downhill line with some anhyzer. The MOAB slowly flexed out of the anhyzer as it carried downhill and moved toward the basket. We knew we could trust the fade and it showed up at just the right time and left ourselves with a decent putt on these tough holes. They require some touch and control and we hit the lines we wanted with the MOAB.

Speaking of the fade, HyzerBomb rates the MOAB’s fade at a 5. We’d agree with the 5 rating, but still want to hit on just how the MOAB fades. In our minds, once you get above a 4 rating, the differences are small. The MOAB really carries a lot of speed into the fade which accounts for the slightly higher rating. The high speed stability really keeps things locked in and instead of fading when it starts to slow down, the fade kicks in still with plenty of speed behind it. If kept low, and thrown at the right angle, you’ll get some powerful finishes out of the MOAB. It won’t just skip once, it will really keep moving. You can control this though with the initial release angle and how much height you give it.

The MOAB can easily be thrown with a forehand shot and can stand up to the power from a flick. Don’t worry about giving it too much power. Plus, on little flick approach shots, the MOAB’s distance was easy to control. You know it will finish with a fade and all you have to do is place it and you’ll be at the basket.

Overall, we’d rate the HyzerBomb MOAB at 6, 4, 1, 5. The Speed 6 rating is accurate, but the overall stability of the MOAB will hold back the distance a little bit. The most important rating out of that group for us is the high speed stability. The positive 1 rating is true and really determines the overall flight.

The flight chart from inbounds Disc Golf shows something close to what we were seeing. Power arms can likely get the added distance, but expect a end result well to the left of where you released it.

Is the HyzerBomb MOAB the true “Mother of All Bombs” … it is certainly part of the family. The MOAB is one of the most high speed stable discs available and ranks up there with the Viper. It is close to the Dynamic Discs Justice as well, but the MOAB is a little faster and has a stronger fade as well. If you can get a feel for the combination of high speed and low speed stability, the MOAB can be a very useful utility disc from off the tee or in the middle of the fairway.

We couldn’t find the MOAB’s limits and challenge you to push the MOAB as hard as you can. We’re confident it will pass the test.



  1. Ernie Dunn on

    There are some tricky 200-250 ft holes around our area that call for predictability and a hard fade at the end of the flight. Would love to have something like the MOAB in my bag to try out for these. No dealers in the area carry Hyzerbomb as of yet. Hoping to see it around more.

  2. Ed Moore on

    I have a tendency especially when my arm gets tired to fade right. This would help me compensate for that.

  3. Kody O'Neill on

    I would love to try out the new MOAB. I would use it as a utility disc and approach disc. Hyzerbomb is doing big things lately and can’t wait to see what else is in store.

  4. Joel M. Leonard on

    This looks like a great disc to sidearm, especially since I put a lot of anhyzer on my throws.

  5. Manuel Cruz on

    Just started playing and can’t stop! Would love to have this disc in my hand and figure it out.

  6. I’d use the Moab for forehand up shots and for backhand approaches on those extra windy days.

  7. I would most likely use this for those nasty head winds or those tight turn shots when you have a tight group of trees in front of you. Hyzer right around it. Anything 250′ and closer.

  8. Chase Cronkright on

    I would love to try this out for flick upshots, and also compare it to a firebird for those must hyzer hard shots.

  9. Kyler Harris on

    Would love this disc, just started, I’m 15 and would use this to teach my little sister to love the game as much as I do

  10. Sounds like a fun forehand disc to get around the trees on the right side of fairway. Or a big hyser toss. Always looking for the next disc to add to my bag

  11. I’d love to use the MOAB for sidearms. My home course has a few long, left to right turners that I can’t anhyzer properly and a flick with my mid cuts right too early.

  12. I would love to win one of these. I’m just starting out and currently have two distance drivers and two mid-ranges, but no fairway drivers. This would fill the gap in my arsenal.

  13. I would love to try this leopard because I am just starting to get into the fairway side of disc golf and this would be a great addition to my bag!!!

  14. A Viper in premium plastic is hard to come and if you made the comparison, it’s good enough for me. They’re perfect for any shot where you absolutely have to go left or throwing into gail force head winds.

    Plus, it’s fun to hear your friends say a derogatory comment about your shot when you throw a hard anhyzer; only to make their jaws drop when it flexes out and crosses the width of the fairway.

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