Fossa Disc Golf Zoma Bag Review


While many disc golfers, especially tournament players, carry a backpack style bag with 15-20 discs (sometimes more), often times you’ll find yourself just wanting a smaller setup to carry just a handful of discs. Fossa Disc Golf offers the Tana backpack for those looking to carry more discs and some additional storage, but they also have the Zoma bag. The Zoma is a “weekender style” bag that you can easily swing over your shoulder for those casual rounds where you just don’t need every disc in your collection.

Fossa Disc Golf describes the features found in their casual carrier:

  • Holds 6-9 discs
  • Durable 600D PVC coated Nylon
  • 2 zipper storage pockets
  • Glasses Case
  • Velcro flap main compartment
  • Mini-marker pocket
  • 1 mini velcro pocket
  • 1 insulated draw-string bottle holder
  • Velcro rail for patches and additional add-ons
  • Adjustable padded strap included
  • 2 additional metal clips for add-ons
  • Three pencil holders

Fossa Disc Golf to review and we’ve been using it during many of our review sessions when we want to focus on just a few discs.

The Zoma is very lightweight when empty and even when it is fully loaded, it rides very light on your shoulder. You aren’t able to force too many discs in the bag which helps not only with the weight of the bag, but with your own focus.


During an actual round, we filled the Zoma with two putters, three midrange, and three drivers. We could have easily removed a putter for a little extra space, but we felt those eight discs really covered everything we needed for that specific round.

There is a flap that we had tucked behind the discs that can fully enclose all of the discs with a zipper closure. It is easy to tuck away if needed like we did during the round.

Along with the main compartment for the discs, you’ll see a handful of pockets on either side. These are big enough for some towels, snacks, and even a small jacket rolled up. One side has an insulated bottle holder which would ride on the trailing side of the bag if you have it on your shoulder. There is a nice amount of storage for such a small bag. You’ll find a little pocket for your cell phone and other smaller pockets for just about anything you can think of.

Fossa Disc Golf Zoma

The Zoma has a back to it with one raised side. This creates kind of a pocket for your hip/waist to go into when it is riding on your shoulder. The back has a little bit of padding to cushion things, but don’t expect out of this world comfort. The pads help a little bit, but they aren’t designed to do too much. Could they add more padding? Sure, but then the price goes up for the customer.

The shape of the back is nice, but took a little getting used to. We kept wanting to reach for a handle to pick things up and would just use the higher side as a place to grip the bag. The way the back is designed also shows that it is designed to carry on your right shoulder more than the left. Could you flip things around and wear it the other way? Of course. It wasn’t as comfortable for us, but wasn’t a deal breaker. Other bags in this category tend to be designed to use on either hip.

The strap itself we found to be longer than other bags, which was nice to see. We were able to extend it quite a ways until it was comfortable, and still and some room to extend it some more. Taller folks will be right at home with the Zoma.

The Zoma comes in two colors and currently retails for $36. You really can’t beat the quality to price ratio for this one. It won’t completely kill your budget and you get quite a bit of bag too. Fossa Disc Golf has done a nice job maximizing the space by providing some storage solutions on such a small bag. With a lightweight, but strong, design and the ability to hold 6-9 discs, the Zoma is a great entry option.

We tend to use the backpack style bag whenever we go out to the course, but sometimes we just need something to carry a few discs at a time and help us remain focused on what we’re trying out. If you’re wanting to force yourself to try some new shots or learn a new disc, pulling out the other discs and carrying just the ones you need to focus on can really help with the learning curve. The Zoma not only helps you narrow down your bag, but it does it with comfort and a little bit of style.



  1. David Clayton on

    Just bought a Zoma, after years of searching for a complete small bag. I only carry 4-7 discs, but I wanted adequate storage for my phone, keys, and wallet, so they would not get sweaty in my pockets. I concur with the review. This bag is a winner.

  2. Perfect bag for a minimalist disc golfer, and it won’t break the bank. In my opinion, this is the only small bag on the market that doesn’t skimp on features like durability, comfort, and especially storage space. That’s right, no easy-to-rip mesh on this puppy. It took about a week (including one very soggy round) to break-in the main compartment, but since then I’m able to comfortably carry 2 drivers, 2 fairways, 2 mids, and 2 putters. That’s in addition to a mini pouch, 3 separate zipped pockets, a full-size water bottle holder, and a tiny velcro pouch. It’s also worth noting that I carry it on my left shoulder (opposite of how it’s designed) and it’s still very comfortable and convenient with the water-bottle pocket more easily accessible.

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