Fossa Disc Golf Tana Pro Backpack Review


Fossa Disc Golf saw their Tana Backpack evolve from successful Kickstarter campaign to a popular choice on the disc golf course earlier this year. Now, they have released a slight upgrade with the Tana Pro Backpack. The Fossa Disc Golf Tana Pro Backpack has all the same form and function of the original bag, but with few added features and upgraded materials.

Fossa Disc Golf sent us a new Tana Pro Backpack and we’ve taken it out on the course to see how it stood up overall and how it compared to the main Tana Backpack.

First, we can safely say that 90% of our review of the Tana Backpack can be transferred to this one. The bags are very similar, which is a good thing. Fossa Disc Golf had a solid design. There wasn’t much that needed to be addressed and thankfully, the areas that did require some attention did see some love from the Fossa team. We won’t reinvent the wheel here and restate everything we did in the first review. Instead, we’ll focus on what is new.

The changes or upgrades to the Tana Pro Backpack include:

  • 1000D Cordura (up from 600D)
  • Rainfly with rainfly pocket on lower back
  • Upgraded zippers and zipper pulls
  • Additional D rings
  • Fully protected base
  • Additional valuables pocket on inside of upper deck
  • 3/4″ thick straps that are also a 1/2″ wider

The upgrade to 1000D Cordura is a nice change. We didn’t see much wrong with the 600D version, but we know many find added value in the new materials. A little added durability never hurt anyone. Plus, in combination with the rainfly, you’re set for nearly anything mother nature might throw at you.

The zippers, D-rings, and additional pockets are notable, but features that tend to blend into the background so to speak. Features like these you might not find useful right away, but as you start to use the bag, you’ll be glad these are waiting for you.

Fossa Disc Golf Tana Pro Backpack

In our minds, the most welcome change was the upgrades to the straps. The straps are now 1/2″ wider and reach a full 3/4″ thick. These were much more comfortable. In fact, this was one of the few areas we noted in our previous review that we wanted to see upgraded. This certainly takes the bag to a new level and helps it stand tall along side the other big players in the backpack game. This alone could be worth the upgrade.

When we used the original Tana Backpack we found the discs on far sides of the main compartment to be a little difficult to get out. This is still the case with the Tana Pro. It wasn’t a big issue, but notable.

We’d even say that we initially found the entire main compartment a little tighter in the Tana Pro. The divider at the top is adjustable and once we raised it up, it opened up the access ever so slightly and made a big difference. You could even remove it entirely if you want. Plus, we saw the bag loosen up a little the more we used it and this allowed for things to settle in nicely.

The original Tana Backpack currently retails for $100. The Tana Pro Backpack will run you $145. For a $45 difference, you get quite a bit of an upgrade. The materials and straps are enough to justify the added cost. Choices are great for the consumer and with two great options at two solid price points, making a good decision is easier than ever with Fossa Disc Golf.


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