Fly Life starring Nikko Locastro and Cale Leiviska


A new disc golf video popped up online this weekend starring Nikko Locastro and Cale Leiviska. “Fly Life” is a ten minute video following Locastro and Leiviska as they put on disc golf clinics for school aged kids and take in some doubles with local disc golfers.

Locastro has been big on promoting the sport with kids and this appears to be the start of that process. At the very end of the video, we find out there is a full documentary in the works coming soon. Until then, kick back and watch some great disc golf in “Fly Life.”


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  1. Love the new video, it’s awesome to see what you guys are doing for kids around the States. Is there a way to donate discs for you to give the kids? Keep up the great work!

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