Finnish Women’s Champion walks away from the sport after cheating scandal

Henna Määttä

Henna Määttä, second from right, was disqualified at the recent Dutch Open. (Photo: Facebook)

Henna Määttä (HEN-na MAA-ta) the 2013 Finnish Womens’ Champion has been caught in a cheating scandal at the Dutch Open and has been DQ’d from her second place finish.

An issue arose when Määttä’s  scorecard came in from her final round. After the event, photographic evidence of the scorecard was sent to the Tournament Director, Peter Buijsrogge, who then asked the other competitors on Määttä’s card to make an official statement. It was then determined that Maatta had indeed altered her card on purpose and she was approached about the issue. Määttä confessed to altering her score and was DQ’d.

Making matters worse for Määttä is that this is not the first time she has been caught cheating in this way. Määttä was DQ’s from an event late last year for doing the same thing.

Määttä made a public declaration of her guilt on her sponsor’s webpage in a blog post entitled, “The Price of Cheating.” In the post, she confesses to cheating but gives no details. She apologizes to her teammates, her boyfriend and her sponsors and says she is ready to accept her punishment. She goes on to say that after her Ban she will probably not play disc golf professionally again and that she and her sponsor Powergrip of Finland have parted ways. She was promptly dropped from their website as a member of their team.

Määttä had only been playing for two years and had represented Europe in 2013’s President’s Cup. She was recognized by her country for her talent and was invited to the Sportman’s Gala, a year end event in Finland where the greatest athletes in their respective sports are honored.

No word from the PDGA on what Määttä’s ultimate fate will be and Määttä did leave the door open for a return but sources close to the story say she is probably done for good.

Määttä would not reply to emails for this story.


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