Dynamic Discs Warrant Review


Over the last few years, one category of discs we’ve loved to review is the controllable midrange. You get the mix of a moderate level of speed, often a nice amount of glide, and a slightly understable flight. While you might lack a harder fade, the greater control makes up for it. This type of flight can easily be applied to the Dynamic Discs Warrant. The Warrant has more turn than the Dynamic Discs Evidence which also clocks in on the understable side of things.

Dynamic Discs says this about their latest midrange:

The Warrant is the understable disc that our customers have been requesting. On stronger throws, it will hold the anhyzer angle for the whole flight without flipping over or rolling. When distance isn’t the goal, the Warrant will hold just about any line that it is thrown on. It will be a fantastic disc for carving lines in the woods or getting around obstacles. It feels similar to the Verdict/Truth/Evidence but flies like nothing else we have. The Warrant has been issued for your high scores.

Dynamic Discs sent us a Warrant to check out and we found some time in the winter weather to give it a test. Just like their other midranges like the Truth or Evidence, the feel is very similar. A very comfortable rim that feels smaller than it really is. The bottom wing is quite small and with a somewhat blunt nose, you can tell this can be a disc you can control.

Without a doubt the Warrant has more turn than the Evidence, but don’t assume that means it is flippy. Starting on the teepad and using the Warrant for our drives, the Warrant shined on two specific types of shots. The first was on a little hyzer flip. We could drop the wing just a hair and give it a strong throw to see it flip up from the hyzer angle and glide flat down the fairway. Everyone’s arm strength will determine just how much angle to give it, but play around with it and you’ll dial it in.

This type of shot can really help you on wooded shots or shots with smaller windows that you need to hit. Don’t be afraid to use the Warrant as a driver when you need some added control. It won’t flip too hard on you and the overall angle can be controlled just with the angle you release it at. Plus, if you take a little power off of it, you gain even more control.

The other shot that we saw the Warrant excel at is the intentional anhyzer. These were shots that called for us to release it with a little added anhyzer angle to help it get started. We’d begin our aim slightly left of center and give the Warrant some added height from our release, but we’d release it with anhyzer instead. It didn’t take much, but by helping it get started, we’d create some nearly effortless left to right shots.

On these shots the Warrant would hold the angle you start it on and glide out nicely. We found the height you start it on determines just how quickly it turns. We kept it low at times and the turn was sharper, but we sacrificed some distance. Best results came when we gave it some room to fly.

Regardless of the angle of the flight, twe did notice it start to break out of that turn and return back to flat at the very end. It never really showed a harder fade back to the left, but there were some signs to it. On a hyzer flip it would finish maybe 1-2 feet to the left at the most, but it was typically quite small. On anhyzer shots it would return to flat and dump out at the very end. We couldn’t call the fade rating a 1, but it is just a hair more than a 0 rating.

What about a flat release? The Warrant will show turn when thrown flat, but it almost looked like something was holding it back. It would begin the flight relatively straight before hitting into a decent sized turn, but it would break out of it at the very end. This is why we felt either the hyzer flip or forced anhyzer produced the best results. It felt like it just needed a little help to show that big turn or we could use it to our advantage and produce some very straight shots instead.

The Dynamic Discs Warrant really reminded us of the Opto Fuse from Latitude 64. We’ve thrown both the Opto and Gold Line Fuse for a the last 3-4 years and always found the Opto version to be a little more stable. We still had great control, but it would typically break out of that turn as well. The Gold Line on the other hand usually had a slightly flatter top and would turn a little easier. We’d love to see a Warrant in the Fusion plastic to see if that brings an even more understable flight.

inbounds Disc Golf - Dynamic Discs WarrantOverall, we’d rate the Dynamic Discs Warrant at 5, 4.5, -2, 0.25. The turn is there and it has a touch of fade to break it away from the 0 rating. With the slightly faster speed rating, it does take a little extra to get it going for a midrange, but that also means it can handle the power as well. That speed rating also translates in our minds to a better option off the tee than an approach shot

The flight chart from inbounds Disc Golf shows a flight close to what we were seeing on a flat release. The turn shown is something close to what we were seeing, but we saw maybe a little more at the end of the flight. Again, it was minimal, but it would bail out just a hair.

While the Evidence also brought and understable flight, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Warrant more in the flavor of what people are looking for. It can easily fit the bill for nearly any bag that calls for an understable midrange. While a slightly beat in Truth or other straight midrange can cover the flight path of the Evidence, the Warrant can out of the box bring a great left to right flier.

From tight wooded shots that call for some hyzer flips or sweeping anhyzers the Dynamic Discs Warrant can execute them out of the box. It brings a lot of control, but they key is learning to handle it. You can’t go too crazy with the Warrant, but a little practice and give you a very useful tool in the bag.

Win a Dynamic Discs Warrant

Dynamic Discs sent us an extra Warrant and we’ll throw in the one we used in our review to have a pair to give away to our readers. We’ll have three ways to enter for the two discs:

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Thanks for Dynamic Discs for the chance to review the Warrant and the extra for the giveaway.



  1. Tim Quinn on

    Would love to add this to my bag. I really like the Dynamic Disc company and would like to own a few of their discs!

    • I’ve been looking for an understable midrange that I want to keep in my bag. Stable to overstable slots have been filled for a while but can’t find the right disc for anhyzers.

  2. brian Koppenhaver on

    Looks like an outstanding disc I am fairly new to the game at 58 years old ,and also left handed I think for a lefty this would truly be an awesome disc…

  3. Josh White on

    I want a warrant because I have a gap in my bag by way of an understable midrange driver. I would love to fill that gap with a warrant.

  4. troy rugger on

    I love all dds molds ive tried so far. was hoping the evidence would be more like what this disc is. would love to have one

  5. Stephen Andrews on

    This looks great. I am in the middle of migrating from other brands to DD, and this one looks like this one will be perfect.

  6. I would like to try the Warrant because I love controllable understable discs. I don’t have the strongest arm speed so understable to me usually means straight. Thanks ATDG for the review and chance at one of these Warrants.

  7. Alejandro on

    I would enjoy winning and throwing the warrant. Im an average disc golfer so it fits the perfect game i need at my local park. Good luck and huck in peace.

  8. Seth Hogan on

    I used to throw only Innova, be every time I pick up a disc from Dynamic Discs, it feels great in my hand. I keep adding more Dynamic Discs to my bag, but have not tried the Warrant yet.

  9. I would love to try this disc. I’ve been trying to find a new disc and this seems perfect.

  10. My brother recently acquired a warrant that he now parks regularly on hole 16 of our home course. The warrant gives him a near guaranteed stroke ahead per round. As we are typically neck and neck, I need a warrant to compete!

  11. Jared Terry on

    This sounds like an amazing disc for throwing some long sweeping anhyzer shots. I would love to try out this disc for that purpose! Great article ATDG!!

  12. wish i had one, every time i hit the park with my buddy i always borrow it for a couple left to right holes. it is a wonderful disc

  13. Jason fields on

    Would like to try an put a Warrant in my bag. It would be a good compliment to my Truth an probably be a bit more understable then my beat in Rocs. Thanks

  14. Andy Shenk on

    I’d love to have a Warrant. I’ve been away from the game for almost 10 years, but I’m getting back into it and rebuilding my bag. Don’t have any understable drivers yet, so this would be a perfect addition.

  15. Andy Klinger on

    I would like to try this disc to see if it would kick my beloved Z meteor from my bag. Great review.

  16. Don Bursell on

    I’m always searching for a midrange disc that will give me some turn to the right. I’ve got a driver that does, but this Warrant would be a great mid to compliment my bag. Thanks for the great reviews.

  17. John Andrist on

    I would love to have a disc with more turn then fade, since every disc I throw never goes to the right and always goes hard left at the end.

  18. James Albritton on

    Great review. I would love to try the new Warrant! Looking for something to help me retire my beat to death dx Stingray that’s an eyesore in my bag.

  19. Wow! Amazing review! I think the Warrant would be an excellent addition to my bag. I need a good midrange for my home course. It’s heavily wooded and I think the Warrant would do very well! Keep up the great reviews!

  20. An understable disc from dynamic discs would be great for tunnel shots in the woods

  21. I currently am missing an understable midrange and I feel that the Warrant would fill that spot perfectly!

  22. I use the E Mac Truth and Verdic now, the Warrant would complete my bag with another really great disc from Dynamic Disc. Thank you.

  23. Mike Hatfield on

    My friend has one and loves it, so it be nice to win one. Also I don’t have any Dynamic discs.

  24. Patrick Jones on

    I am new to this sport and just love it. Have not thrown a Warrant yet, would love to add this disc to my bag.

  25. Nate Peters on

    Really trying to expand my DD lineup, and I think this disc will compliment my speed and throwing style well. Thanks for the opportunity.

  26. Jason Horner on

    I am an intermediate player looking to get an understable midrange, especially something I can use for anhyzer shots. I love the Dynamic Discs Lucid plastic, so this disc sounds perfect for me. Would really like to give it a try!

  27. Brett Booen on

    My fiancé just passed the Nevada bar and got sworn in so she can be a practicing attorney. She told me that in order to get a Warrant, I must first talk to a Judge. So I talked to the Judge, he asked me the following questions, “Do you support Freedom? Do you forgive those who Trespass against us? Can you handle the Truth? Are you a Renegade?” I answered “Yes” to all of the above. He finally concluded, “Do you have a Warrant?” I said, “No, but I was hoping you would issue one to me.” He suggested I speak with someone from All Things Disc Golf, so here I am.

    Oh yeah, and all that other stuff about waiting for a reliable, understable midrange from DD, because it’s been a hole in my bag for far too long and I want to get this stupid Tursus out of my bag. I hate when people ask me what disc I just threw because I have no idea how to say freaking Tursus. Would much rather say, “Oh yeah baby, that’s a Warrant!”

  28. Rick Stark on

    My son has 177 gram he let me throw for 3 holes our last round. I loved it and now he wont share anymore!

  29. I already follow both pages, I love DD & trilogy and already throw their discs (Shield, Claymore and Theif) and that would “Warrant” a chance to win this disc!

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  32. Ron Whitney on

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  33. Rich Yarges on

    I would love a Warrant to go with my Truth and Vetdict. Plus I’m a noodle arm and this fits my style perfectly!

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  35. Will Kramer on

    Just trying to get a free one. I’ll buy one eventually…but DD has become my midrange discs. I came across a 161 Justice and can not stop throwing it. Pretty rare to find a lightweight one :) but I bag a truth and a verdict…now I just need a warrant to complete the line up

  36. Nicholas Ribera on

    I currently use a claymore for the shot, but have an evidence and verdict in the bag. I’m wondering if this could replace my claymore, and then give me consistency on the rim of all my midranges

  37. Stephen Perry on

    I’d really like to have something from DD that balances out the verdict and Truth that I have in my bag. Love the way the DD midrange feel and fly!

  38. Kimmo Puustinen on

    I have Westside and Latitude64 in my bag – I need DD to round out the Trilogy!

  39. David Adams on

    I would love a warrant because I am a fairly new player and simply don’t have that many discs. Also I am only 15 and I have fell in love with the sport and I am working hard towards my dream of becoming a pro someday. I haven’t tried any Dynamic Discs or any of the Trilogy plastic yet so I would love to try some out. The warrant would also be perfect for me right now because my only midranges are the fairly overstable Buzzz and Roc so to have a more controllable and understable midrange would be great!