Dynamic Discs Warden Review


Dynamic Discs Warden

When Dynamic Discs released their first putter, the Judge, disc golfers were already calling for a second one. People were wanting a beadless version of the judge. This October, Dynamic Discs has delivered on the beadless putter in the form of the Dynamic Discs Warden. The Warden has a similar feel to the Judge with a slightly more understable flight.

Dynamic Discs gives the Warden flight ratings of 2, 4, 0, 0.5:

The Warden takes everything players love about the Judge and removes the bead to provide additional comfort in the hand. This putter has a very straight flight path and can fly just about any line you want. If you prefer a beadless putter with a straight flight path then the Warden is the putter for you.

Dynamic Discs sent us a few Wardens to test out on the course and after a number of throws and rounds with the Warden, it’s hard to find a negative about this disc. We started our tests on the teepad and moved our way in towards the circle. As a driver, the Warden was very straight for the entire flight. In the Classic version, the Warden was very stable at high speeds and would really hold the angle we put it on. On a few throws with a decent tailwind the Classic Warden would perform a little more stable than a throw without a tailwind, but this is typical of most discs. Even with it’s high level of stability at high speeds, you will likely have better options for throwing into a headwind.

The Classic Soft Warden was a touch more understable than its Classic counterpart. We could give it a little hyzer and have it flip to flat, or allow it to carry a slight amount of turn. It certainly won’t roll over on you, but enough to see a little less stability.

When we moved a little closer to the basket and used the Warden on approach shots, we found the touch shots where we were going for accuracy were a little easier with the Classic Soft version. The very slight understable flight allowed us a little more control. The Classic version would continue to perform a little more stable at the start of the flight and even showed a little stronger fade when used as an approach. Even with the added effort at the end of the flight, it was still a very straight disc.

On both our drives and approach shots, we saw very little fade in the Classic Soft version and just enough fade to make you notice it in the Classic Warden. The Classic Soft would break out of a slight turn and land flat, or settle down on a very straight line. Don’t expect a lot of right to left movement on the fade of the Warden. The Classic Warden’s fade was a little more noticeable with the strength of the fade depending on the speed and angle of the flight. If you gave it hyzer, it will finish on that line. If you released it flat, it will carry left just a touch. It did seem strong enough to break out of an anhyzer back to a flat angle.

After our approach shots we moved to inside the circle to see what the Warden could do with the chains. When putting from inside 30 feet, you can pick a straight line from you to the basket and know the Warden could fly on that same path. We saw no movement left and no movement right, just a straight line. You don’t need to start it on the right side of the chains and let it fade in either. Just go straight at the heart of the chains.

Dynamic Discs WardenThe Warden has a very similar speed to the Judge, but might carry just a little less glide. Maybe it was the weather, maybe it was the lack of a fade, but the Warden’s glide was there, just not as strong.

Looking at the flight chart from inbounds Disc Golf, you’ll notice the very straight flight with distances right around other similar putters. At high speeds you won’t see much turn out of the Classic version which is followed by a very small fade.

Overall, we’d rate the Warden at 2, 3.5, 0, 0.5. The Classic Soft version will show you a slightly more understable flight. The Classic Soft brings a little more turn followed by a weaker fade.

If you are looking for a beadless putter that is nearly as straight as as can be, the Warden is the ticket. If you need a flat release that flies straight, the Warden is the ticket. If you need a controllable approach shot with a predictable straight flight, the Warden is the ticket. If you just wait to aim for the heart of the chains and slam one in there, again, the Warden is the ticket.



  1. Nicholas on

    It sounds like you described the Latitude Pure. What’s the difference between these two- just the plastic and brand?

  2. Just recently purchased a trespass and truth and both are great discs.still trying to find the right putter for me.Gonna have to try the warden or judge.

  3. I have been looking for something to replace my Innova XD dx plastic putter. The judge was ok, but the rim was a bick thick for me. I like a more slim line rim. The Spike has that kind of rim, but it has a fade i dont want. I then tried the Warden. The rim is not as slim as the Spike, but it doesnt have that fade and it came in a 170g, which i like. Been using it all morning to putt with and only missed a few times. Im loving this Warden, and I will be purchasing more soon.

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