Dynamic Discs Trespass Review


Dynamic Discs Trespass

The first distance driver put out by Dynamic Discs was the Trespass. The Dynamic Discs Trespass is an overstable distance driver. It has just a touch of turn that is followed by a moderately strong fade.

Dynamic Discs rates the Trespass at 12, 5, -0.5, 3:

The Trespass is a wide rim, high speed, overstable distance driver with precision control and maximum distance. A very accurate driver, a must for the arsenal.

Following our normal practice for reviewing discs, we took a trip to the local course to where we could test it on the course and in the field. On our first few throws, we did notice just a little bit of turn from the Trespass. If we gave it a little bit of a hyzer angle on release, it would flip up flat on a nice strong throw. Most of the time, the amount of turn was quite small — don’t expect a lot of movement. There are certainly more stable options on the market, but that isn’t always what you want. The added turn does allow the Trespass to carry out a nice full flight. Stronger arms who tossed the Trespass did see a little more turn than us. If you are a disc golfer with a very strong arm, you could even rate the turn at -1 for the Trespass. If you have a slower arm, expect more of a 0 for turn.

While the turn was small, the fade was much stronger. We would agree with the 3 rating for fade for the average disc golfer. Weaker arms might see a slightly stronger fade than others. When thrown into a decent headwind the Trespass does have a strong enough fade to fight back at the end of the flight. If it is a very steady headwind, you still might want to reach for something a little more stable at high speeds though. If you need a long distance shot to finish left, in most conditions, the Trespass will do the trick.

Regardless of wind conditions, the Trespass does need a strong throw to really hit full speed. As with other speed 12 discs, the Trespass does have a wide rim and needs just about all the strength you have to get it to fly as advertised. The Trespass also comes with above average glide that helps it carry a little more. Even with a large amount of glide, you’ll never feel like you’re out of control when throwing the Trespass.

TrespassWhen you look at the flight chart from inbounds Disc golf you’ll notice the early turn followed by the strong fade at the end. We would agree with Dynamic Discs when they say the Trespass is a very accurate driver. We were able to produce very predictable throws all the time. We knew we could keep it on a line and had a very good idea of where it would end up.

The ratings given by Dynamic Discs seem to be fairly accurate during our tests. We’d agree with the speed and glide numbers for sure. The turn and fade might be slightly more or less depending on your arm strength. Overall we’d rate the Trespass at 12, 5, -1-0, 3-3.5.

We’ve seen some talk about the Trespass flying like a slightly beat in Innova Destroyer. In our mind, the Trespass flies like a Trespass. A beat in Destroyer flies like a beat in Destroyer. Do the discs carry some similarities? Sure, but as we say in all of our reviews, each disc is unique and stands out on its own.

The Trespass has the ability to become the go-to distance driver for many disc golfers. With a lot of speed, glide and a predictable flight path, the Trespass could be come a driver to rely on when you really need the distance.

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  1. I picked up a trespass just to test out Dynamic Discs and see how their plastic was, little did I know it would soon be my go to driver. I throw a 171g First run orange Lucid Trespass. My go to before the trespass was a Star Destroyer for max d (still in the bag, but not as big of a role). I like to put just a touch of anny on my trespass to keep her at a dead straight flight and let her glide for days until that good consistant fade at the end. I’m not a huge arm throwing 500ft, but do have good snap and never turn the trespass over. If you’re looking for a great distance disc with amazing glide and consistant fade, look no further the trespass is the disc for you!

  2. I won a trespass at a tournament and couldn’t be happier! I had owned several destroyers over time and just felt like I couldn’t get the big distance I wanted out of it. Then I threw my trespass and it just took off, that little bit of turn really helps on distance and the strong fade is predictable. Plus the lucid plastic just looks really cool. I will always have one of these in my bag!

  3. I lost my 172g Star Destroyer, Discmania PD 175 g, and Champion Boss 170g. Not knowing Dynamic discs I kept it at home. Turns out this is a remarkably forgiving disc if you release it on any sort of Hyzer. It will pop and and ride right for a long time before fading. It’s a finicky disc and would reconsider throwing it into a lot of wind, though I can throw my max D with this around 425″. It’s too flippy for heavy wind, I use my Z Predator for that but its my go to on mild days for a predictable line and glide.

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