Dynamic Discs Renegade Review


Dynamic Discs Renegade

After releasing the overstable Trespass, Dynamic Discs looked to release a distance driver that appeals to slower arms. The Dynamic Discs Renegade is a stable to understable distance driver that really likes to carry down the fairway.

Dynamic Discs rates the Renegade at 11, 5, -1.5, 2.5:

The Renegade was designed to suit players of all skill levels. The Renegade is a very fast, understable flyer for slower arm speed players. Players with more power will find the Renegade useful for super long tailwind shots, anhyzers, and long rollers. With superior glide, the Renegade will benefit everyone who puts it in their bag.

We think the description from Dynamic Discs really sums up the Renegade well. With a little less speed and more turn than the Trespass, the Renegade should appeal to a wider audience. Even with the talk about how a slower armed golfer might enjoy the Renegade, stronger arms will like it as well.

Right on our first throw we noticed a lot more turn in the Renegade. The turn actually kicked in pretty early in the throw for us. If released flat, it wouldn’t fly straight for too long. It almost seemed like it would turn before we got it up to full speed. On a few wide open holes, this allowed us to throw a nice wide s-curve style shot.

While the Renegade does have a decent amount of fade, it comes very late in the flight. Because of this, if you are wanting the Renegade to fade out, you need to make sure it has the height in order to do so. On some lower shots with the Renegade, we weren’t getting a lot of fade, if much at all. When we gave it a little more height, we were able to see the Renegade glide just about as far as it could possibly go before fading back out to the left.

We were able to give the Renegade a nice workout in some windy conditions. When we had a few throws with a very strong tailwind that was coming slightly left-to-right. With the Renegade’s quick turn, the slightly left-to-right tail wind really pushed the Renegade to the right as it got under the flight plate. It was hard for the disc to flex back and fade left. We adjusted our line a little bit to see what the Renegade could do when the wind was slightly right-to-left. This situation showed better results. The Renegade would still turn to the right, but then the fade was slightly stronger with the help from the wind.

Dynamic Discs RenegadeStraight tailwinds will be your friend, but you need to get enough height to allow the wind to push the Renegade forward instead of pushing it straight down into the ground. Now, if you have a headwind, the Trespass is a better option than the Renegade.

Stronger arms will see a little more turn than slower arms, but will still see a very nice s-curve flight path. If you do have an arm that can push a disc to its max, you might need a little more hyzer on release so you don’t flip the Renegade over.

The flight chart from inbounds Disc Golf shows the understable flight of the Renegade quite well. You can also see the very late fade in the flight path. We’d agree with Dynamic Discs and also give the Renegade ratings of 11, 5, -1.5, 2.5.

There is no doubt that disc golfers of all levels would enjoy the Renegade. With a comfortable grip, quick turn, and decent glide, the Renegade can really shine on shots where you really need some distance — and have the room to do it. The Renegade needs some room to produce a full flight, but when you have it, the Renegade will be ready.

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