Dynamic Discs previews three new bags and more for 2016


While some disc golf companies keep their future plans under wraps until the very last moment, Dynamic Discs is leading the way in terms of transparency. To celebrate the new year, Dynamic Discs owner Jeremy Rusco sent an update through email and social media to preview the upcoming year for the Emporia, Kansas based company.

Part of the year preview included details on three new bags to be released over the coming months to be made by OGIO. Dynamic Discs previously discontinued bags under the Sniper and Commander names, but they are bringing them back with a new backpack style. The Sniper Backpack will retail for $69.99 with the Commander Backpack set for $119.99.

Based on the photos alone, you can see how the Sniper will have a smaller capacity, but brings a number of features found on larger backpacks. This follows a trend we’ve seen from any disc golf bags available today. The Commander bag has a familiar style to it to allow for easy access and a wide opening to the main compartment along with side pockets for storage.

Finally, the Ranger H2.0 looks to be quite the upgrade from the current Ranger. Dynamic Discs says the Ranger H2.0 will feature a hydration system, rainfly, and bullet proof ABS molded bottom. We never had the need for a bullet proof bag, but they might know something we don’t. All bags are scheduled to be introduced in March 2016. A price for the Ranger H2.0 was not available.

Along with the bags, Dynamic Discs has plans for four new discs:

  • Defender: High speed, overstable driver
  • Proof: “Easy to throw” midrange
  • Gavel: “Easy to throw” putter
  • Marshal: Putter to be introduced at the Trilogy Challenge

The Dynamic Discs crew also aims to release their Veteran basket in 2016 after having the initial release pushed back. Stay tuned to All Things Disc Golf for all the latest from Dynamic Discs in 2016.



  1. These are really nice and I appreciate the quality materials and workmanship that goes into these bags and would probably have already bought one, but for me the problem is these are all so big that they’re just not practical to use on my motorcycle. How about a smaller, top quality bag designed to fit in a motorcycle luggage bag or top case?

    I know I can just bungy it to the back, but it would be nice to be able to lock it up when I’m not carrying it. (The old ‘Out of sight – out of mind’ concept of security, for as most people already know, mc luggage is about as secure as grandad’s old Samsonite.)

    Anyway, just an idea…

    • I couldn’t agree more, Bart. They should’ve brought back the original DD Sniper bag, which is basically a condensed Soldier bag that holds 8-10 discs. It bugs me that most companies are neglecting small bags in lieu of monster tournament bags that are excessive in my opinion. I’m currently using the Fossa Zoma to carry my 8-disc arsenal and, after breaking in a bit, it’s incredible (and very affordable).

    • I agree as well. I’ve gone to a computer bag to carry my discs when I ride. I guess we’re too much of a niche market to be considered viable for bag manufacturers but when I ride to the courses I play, I’m not the only one on two wheels.

      • I tried to get my hands on the original Sniper. Great size. Couldn’t find one anywhere. Just bought the new Sniper, looks pretty small which is good. For incredible motorcycle bags, look at the OGIO website.


        check out all their backpacks too.

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