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Dynamic Discs Judge

When Dynamic Discs first announced their line of discs, many were curious to see what their first putter would be like. The Dynamic Discs Judge is DD’s first putter in their lineup. As a stable putter, the Judge holds a very consistent line when putting and performs very well when used as a driving putter.

Dynamic Discs rates the putter at 2, 4, 0, 1:

The Judge is your go to putter in all conditions. Very versatile disc, holds a line and finishes straight on approach shots as well.

Dynamic Discs sent us a Judge in both the Classic and Classic Soft plastics. We first took to the practice basket to see how the Judge performed inside the circle. The Judge has a little bit of a dome on it which provides the great glide. The feel is slightly deep in the hand, yet still gave us a strong sense of control. While everyone has their own personal preference, the Classic version was more comfortable to us when used inside the circle. With the deep feel of the disc, the added firmness of the Classic plastic helped us maintain control. The Classic Soft version was slightly too flexible for us when used as a putter when using a pitch putt style. The disc seemed to move around a little too much in the soft plastic.

The feature that stood out the most about the Judge, without a doubt, was the glide. On putts of about 25-35 feet, the glide really helped keep the Judge in the air. Once we got comfortable with it, you could really trust the Judge to hold up in the air until it hit the chains. It doesn’t drop hard like some putters do. We did have a few headwind putts where the glide hurt a little bit. Like other putters with a large amount of glide, if we caught a little extra wind, it would carry over the basket. This of course isn’t just the putter’s fault — you also need to put the user at some fault.

The Judge is very stable, but not too overstable. It isn’t a major wind fighter, but will hold a nice straight line. On a few putts we put it on a very slight anhyzer angle and saw it flex out at the end of the flight.

After some putting, we took to the teepad to see what the Judge could do as a driving putter. The Judge isn’t a very fast putter, but the added glide and strong stability at high speeds make it a very nice option off the tee. We were really able to give the Judge a strong throw and trust it. The 0 rating for turn seemed to be accurate for the Judge. It was really able to hold any line it was put on. If you force it on a hyzer line, sweeping anhyzer line, or a straight shot, the Judge will keep it through the entire flight.

The glide really shows when used as a driver. We were able to get the Judge out to some nice distances — even a little better than other putters we drive with.

JudgeWe also wanted to see what the Judge could do as an upshot disc. This is where we saw very nice results from the Classic Soft version. The soft will certainly hit and stick wherever you put it. It is still stable and will still fade at the end of the flight, but won’t skip away. When using the Classic version, we were able to throw it on small anhyzer angles and saw it flex back out flat at the end. We could see the Judge being very useful for shots from about 100 feet or less.

The flight chart from inbounds Disc Golf really shows the flight path we experienced. A nice straight flight with just a small touch of fade at the end. Overall, we agree with the flight ratings from Dynamic Discs: 2, 4, 0, 1.

The Judge provided very consistent results for us when used inside the circle, as an approach disc, or as a driver. With a very stable flight at high speeds and great glide, the Judge should impress many disc golfers looking for a disc to help cut down scores during a round.

Thrower's Choice Awards - Dynamic Discs Judge

Judge named Disc of the Year

December 23, 2013 – With over 5,000 votes cast in 22 countries, the Dynamic Discs Judge was named the Disc of the Year in the 2013 Thrower’s Choice Awards. It beat out the Legacy Bandit and Innova Tern.

Dynamic Discs Lucid Judge

After being released in Classic, Classic Soft, Classic Blend, and Fuzion plastics, the Judge has finally been released in the very popular Lucid plastic. Dynamic Discs sent us a Lucid Judge to test and compare to the Judge in Classic plastic.

The Lucid Judge certainly lends itself to be a great driving putter off the tee. The Lucid plastic provides great grip and a nice firm rim combined that helps you really dig into it and let one rip off the tee. We rated the Classic Judge at 2, 4, 0, 1. For the Lucid version, we’d tweak it just a bit to 2.5, 4, 0, 1.5. Even though it is the same exact mold, it tends to come out a little quicker out of the hand and carry a little more. It isn’t a big difference, but is starting to get into the “fast putter” category. It remains very stable at high speeds and has small amount of fade at the end. Slightly more than the Classic version.

If you like the feel of the Judge, but want something a little more durable, the Lucid Judge is a great choice.



  1. The Judge is a excellent approach disc. I got 4 classic in today. Iv been putting with an ion for about 1.5 years and iv had issues with making longer putts. So I decided to give the Judge a shot. I have to say it does have some good glide and even when i put it out 280 to 290 it would not turn over. Just as good a driver as my ion. Approach shots were a dream with this thing. I dont know what makes this putter such a clean release but my approach shots were greatly improved on my first round. Hands down this disc is outstanding. As for putting I would say that I made the same amount of putts that i normally do and this was my first round with it , though i did do an hour of practice putting when i first received the disc. If you are like me it seemed like the ion just dropped out of the air to quick to be a good putter from 30 and out, but the Judge makes 30 feel short compared to the ion. I do have an anode but that disc just never seemed to click for me on putting. As of first day impressions Im thinking that the Judge is going to end up kicking my ion and anode out of the bag and possibly make me have to try some other Dynamic Disc.

  2. Ed Horst on

    great review,an’t wait from foot surgery recovery to tb over and back out throwing.definetly a disc that will find usage and in bag.SWFL disc golf..

  3. James Hendrick on

    I throw these bad boys for drives and approaches, could not imagine my bag without them!

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