Dynamic Discs Evidence Review


The midrange from the 2015 Trilogy Challenge came from Dynamic Discs. The Dynamic Discs Evidence brings a slightly understable flight to the Dynamic Discs lineup and sits right along side the Dynamic Discs Truth. With just a hair of turn, and virtually no fade, the Evidence is a useful midrange off the tee and on approach shots.

Dynamic Discs says this about their latest midrange:

The Evidence is a slightly understable midrange disc that is very controllable. Where the Verdict and the Truth take care of your straight to overstable midrange needs, the Evidence will handle the other side of the spectrum. It will hold the anhyzer angle through a full glide while slowly coming back to a flat flight. The Verdict, Truth, and Evidence feel very similar in the hand with complementary flights to carve around any obstacle you face. When your scores are accusing you of bad shots, you need the Evidence to set the record straight.

Dynamic Discs sent us an Evidence to check out and we’ve taken it to the course to see how it compares to the Truth and other popular midranges.

We immediately felt how the Evidence is a close cousin to the Truth. It has very similar feel with a beadless rim, but feels slightly shallower. It is hard do dislike anything with the grip. It isn’t really a disc you’ll need, or want, to power grip, but you can make it happen. A fan grip or control grip will feel right at home.

The Evidence brings a unique flight with a little bit of turn at high speeds followed by little-to-no fade. When you get the feel for what the Evidence wants to do, you can really expand the spectrum of shots the Evidence can cover. Before we talk about what it CAN do, let’s touch on what it CAN’T do.

You won’t be able to do much on the hyzer side of things with the Evidence. It just doesn’t have the high speed stability or the low speed fade to capture this shot. If you’re a Dynamic Discs fan, that is where you reach for a Truth or Verdict. Beyond that shot, the Evidence can do quite a bit.

We started our tests off the tee with shots aiming straight off the tee. With a flat release the Evidence would glide forward and kick into a very slight turn. It wasn’t much, but it would start to bank slightly to the right. Without any added effort from ourselves, the turn was subtle, but noticeable. We were a little surprised to see just how much power we could put behind the Evidence and still only see a small amount of turn.

On these same throws, you should expect to see a fade that doesn’t really do much. Once it begins to power down, we would see it flatten out and start to head back to the ground. It never wanted to drive too hard to the left or break out of the turn earlier than expected. The turn is really the key to the Evidence and if you can control that, you’ll produce some great results.

If you can put some trust into it, you can watch the Evidence do the heavy lifting so to speak. It is a little sensitive, if you try and do too much with it, but that also translates to a lot of control if thrown correctly. If you want a bigger turnover shot, you’ll need to add a little height to your throw and help it turn over slightly with your release angle. It will do the rest of the work, but that little added push will produce the results you’re looking for.

You can also turn the Evidence into a little hyzer flip disc too by just dropping into a little more of a hyzer release angle. As with many slightly understable discs we always talk about the ratio of power to hyzer angle to produce these shots. Dial it in and you’ll be able to put the Evidence on any line you want it on. On the hyzer flip shots we saw maybe a hint of fade, but it was minimal at best.

We were pleasantly surprised to see just how much control we had off the tee with the Evidence. We had some throws that call for a slight anhyzer shot or something that is calling for a very straight flight from start to finish. With the Evidence we were able to start it out just slightly left of center and let it do the work and carry out a slight sweeping anhyzer shot. It was a nearly effortless throw from us and the results were pleasing to say the least.

After using the Evidence on some approach shots, we’d have to put it on the faster end of the spectrum when it comes to approach discs. Some discs with a little turn and small fade can be very useful on those in between shots due to the control and slow speeds. The Evidence wasn’t a dud on approach shots, but it being a little faster, you might actually lose a little control when not thrown at full power. You can easily make great results happen, but might require a very slight anhyzer angle on release to help it carry straight before a minimal fade appears at the end of the flight. This certainly isn’t a drawback, but something to keep in mind when debating between the Evidence and a slower disc in your bag.

We’ve thrown the Latitude 64 Fuse many times and Fuse is a close cousin to the Evidence. For us, especially in Gold Line plastic, the Fuse can be thrown hard and flat before banking right and making a beautiful left-to-right flight. The Evidence didn’t quite have this level of turn for us, but with little added help off the tee, you could make it hold these turn over shots with similar results.

You can also throw the Evidence right along side the Truth. In our experience, we’ve seen the fade be beaten out of the Truth before the high speed stability. While it is nice being able to lean on a disc with some added power, sometimes you desire a little turn, but still an overall straight flight.

inbounds Disc Golf - Dynamic Discs EvidenceOverall we’d rate the Dynamic Discs Evidence at 5, 5, -1, 0. These are the same numbers Dynamic Discs provides. It has a little more speed and glide than you’d expect, but the turn is really what defines the Evidence.

The flight chart from inbounds Disc Golf shows something very close to what we experienced. The turn will define the flight with virtually no fade as it powers down.

The key to the Dynamic Discs Evidence is the turn. You know you won’t have a very dramatic fade to deal with so keeping your focus on the first part of the flight is key. By finding the combination of power to release angle, you’ll be able to produce anything from straight shots to big turnovers.



  1. Over the past few months I’ve turned virtually 95% of my bag into Dynamic Discs. It’s been a great change for me. Most all of them fly true to what they are intended to do. I have the verdict and truth. They are great together. I don’t know if the Evidence will be a good fit for me as I tend to throw a little on the harder side, but anything is worth a try. Currently, the only Innova disc I have is a well beat in Pro Roc. I use that for just these types of shots. Could the Evidence replace that??? We will have to see!

  2. Steve Fairman on

    I felt like the evidence had more slow speed fade than you describe, but it was a reliable flyer once I learned to trust it.

  3. Josh Martin on

    Great review as always! I think this disc could be an awesome straight shot disc for me.

  4. Thanks for the review. I’ve been using a Vibram Ivex in this spot in my bag but love the way DD plastic flies. Time to mix things up.

  5. Mark Fairbanks on

    Been wanting to try this disc, usually use beat in truth for these shots but think this would be a great disc for me x

  6. Mark Fairbanks on

    Been wanting to try this disc, usually use beat in truth for these shots but think this would be a great disc for me x

  7. Contest like this are awesome, nothing better than free plastic!! You can’t have enough good mid ranges in your bag love to try different discs! Plus the guys in the HS disc club love to throw the stuff in my bags!!

  8. Brian Heckathorn on

    I could could see this rounding out my bag. My understable stuff is pretty much limited to an old Leopard.

  9. David O'Daniel on

    Would love to try one of these, the truth has set me free, but as of yet I have yet to see the evidence behind the truth. My game would be highly elevated with one of these I think.

  10. Richard Brooks on

    I will try anything that will fly straight with little fade, always a need for that disc.

  11. Got to enjoy the Trilogy Challenge this year. Love the evidence. What plastic did you test? Is there a difference in stability between the plastics that the Evidence comes in?

  12. Once again another amazing review! I haven’t had a chance to throw the Evidence, but I really would like to! My Truth is my go to disc and I’d love to have the Evidence in my bag to compliment it!! Cheers!

  13. Chase Cronkright on

    Nice review, I like the sound of the disc especially that you guys were able to put power on it and still only get a bit of turn. Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. Zachary Prine on

    Would love to get my hands on one of these bad boys to add to the bag for sure!

  15. I am able to get big curves on my drives, but I can never make the tunnel shots. I would love this disc

  16. Love how you guys do disc reviews and then give away the discs! I hope I win this time!

  17. Casey sheehe on

    Would love to have a dynamic disc to try out. Thrown one once but never owned any myself

  18. Will Spence on

    Sounds very similar to a Lat64 Core which I absolutely love. I’d love to try one of these.

  19. Tyler Moody on

    I’m really learning a lot about my throw this year and I could use as much variety in my bag to really understand more about disc flight. This disc would be a great addition for me.

  20. Tyler Moody on

    Would love one of these in my bag! I’m learning a lot about disc flight this year and I could really use some variety. I have the Truth so this would be a great compliment.

  21. Ed Horst on

    Great to have DD run these contests, enjoy the reviews on discs that help one on the course.. Hit chains..

  22. Sounds a lot like my tangent. There aren’t many disks that will give that smooth gradual turn without fade nor fear of the turn and burn! Having that shot shape can really come in handy, and I know a new player or two who may love to receive this disc.

  23. Nice review. I would like to see this disc compared to the more commonly used midranges like the Buzzz and Roc…..

  24. Jason Horner on

    I am a beginner that’s a big fan of the Dynamic Discs line, but here in North Carolina, we seem to have a good number of tunnel holes where there’s just not a lot of room and anything but a tiny amount of turn or fade puts you in the trees where you don’t want to be . Dynamic’s line of discs seems to be lacking on the understable midrange side, so I picked up a Mako3 for that purpose. When I heard about this disc, it seems to do what exactly what I was hoping to achieve with the Mako3. I would REALLY like to give this disc a try and see how it flies.

  25. Right now I am throwing a very diverse bag. The evidence may be just what this noodlearm is looking for!

  26. Would be psyched to win another Evidence. I mostly throw with hyzer, and the Evidence has been my main midrange since trying it at the Trilogy Challenge. It’s my most recent ace disc, winning a tourney pot for me. I play in the woos, so I need more Evidences.

  27. Many of the courses here are in open spaces or mountaina making it east to lose discs in the thick vegetation. After losing a perfectly beat in disc then having to go through the trouble of getting another to fly similar to that one I’m starting to go with easily replaceable discs in my bag instead of the same disc in different plastics and states of wear. The Dynamic Discs and Latitude 64 lines have really been taking over the bag but I’m missing that straight to understable mid rage to fill in for my beat Roc3. It looks like the Evidence may be able to fill that role especially being similar to the Truth since I have recently bwent using a Lucid Truth. Thanks for the review and it’s awesome you do these give aways!

  28. Dynamic Discs has completed the midrange trio with the overstable Verdict, stable Truth, and understable Evidence. I am really excited to start playing with all three of them together and seeing the wide range of shots I can cover.

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